How To Choose Best App Uninstaller For Mac To Remove Unwanted Apps

Downloading and installation of applications in your Mac is an easy process but what about uninstallation. When you try uninstalling the app, you can just drag and drop it in the trash. But do you know that it leaves a trail of files in the system. This means that the process may look straightforward but you need to have an app uninstaller for Mac. Through this blog, we will discuss some of the best ways to uninstall programs on Mac. So here comes app uninstallers for Mac.

In order to choose the best app uninstaller for Mac, you need to check the list mentioned here one by one and figure out which one shall be kept in your system.

App Uninstaller For Mac

1. Advanced Uninstall Manager

Coming from the house of a top software company, it is a very easy to use application that removes all the unwanted applications in one single click. Not just the app but all the files related to this particular application are also deleted with Advanced Uninstall Manager. It is very budget friendly and you can notice a separate section of checking the history of apps deleted here, favorite apps of the system and login items. In this, the Favorite apps section could be used to keep those applications which you don’t want to delete by mistake.

2. Macbooster 8

This is an all rounder Mac cleaner where uninstaller is one of the topmost used features. You just need to launch the tool and reach Uninstaller from the left hand section. Select the application which shall be removed and click Remove. It will eventually delete the selected application from the system along with associated files. With this, you can also clean memory, protect the system from unwanted breaches, clean large and old files and delete duplicate files from the system. It also allows you to manage login items and protect the system from malware comfortably.

3. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X has made its space in the list because of not only its uninstaller but also the number of optimization tools available in its lap. It can remove system junk, mail attachments, and clear trash bins for your acceptance. Moreover, the privacy remains intact and the system is well-maintained when CleanMyMac X is staying good in the system. Get updater to update the apps and Uninstaller to remove all the unwanted applications. Choose the Extensions section to manage all the extensions in your Mac.

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Nektony app cleaner and uninstaller has some exciting features to look for where removal of applications is one concept you must look for. Just select the application you want to delete and pick all the executables, application support, preferences and caches and click ‘Remove’. And you will be able to delete the application just like that. Easy and interesting, right?

5. AppZapper

With the easiest of drag and drop features in its position, AppZapper is known for easy removal of applications from the system. It has a little old looking interface and is pretty different from the newest versions today but works absolutely well on the Mac. It comes with a Hit List feature which allows you to explore all the other applications available in the system too.

6. IObit Macbooster 8

Serving all the solutions on one plate, you must download and try using this uninstaller if you are searching for the answer for how to uninstall programs on Mac. It even possesses a number of antimalware tools in order to protect the system from outside intrusion. In fact, no online threat or existing viruses could not hamper the system that easily when this tool is available. For uninstallation, go to Uninstaller from the left hand pane, choose the application and select ‘Uninstall’ from the bottom of the interface.

Wrap Up

We are hopeful that you have understood how to delete apps on mac and found the best app uninstaller. Now in order to help you choose the best uninstaller for Mac, we would recommend you Advanced Uninstall Manager because of its straightforward management. However, if you are looking for multiple other features within a tool then you can look for CleanMyMac X because of the expansive range of tools available. With that, you can also choose IObit Macbooster 8 or Nektony app cleaner and uninstaller. However, your choice depends on what you wish from the product to do for you.

So out of all the available options, which one did you choose and why? We would like to know your choice and recommendations and share with our viewers. Write to us in the comments below.

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