How to Clear Cache on a Mac or MacBook

Unlike Windows operating system, Mac is comparatively steady and error-free. The risk of virus, spyware, or malware infection is also less in MacOS however we always need to take good care of this device. As we use the device, it accumulates a lot of clutter, cache files, junk files, temporary internet files, and cookies the needs to be cleaned at periodic intervals.

Had this clutter been accumulated in one folder, it would have been easy for us to simply open it and clear cache on Mac however there are different folders and places where different types of files are stored. To clear cached files on Mac, we need to browse through different sub-folders and clearing browser cache is different from cleaning system cache files on Mac. Let’s explore manual methods to clear cache on Mac before we jump on the Best Mac Cleaners to automatically clear cache and temp files.

What Are Cache Files?

Temporary files, raw files, cache files are data files stored on Mac whenever you browse the internet or work on an application. These log files are created to expedite the process of reopening the same browser page again or get back on the same instance of the application. These cache files are not automatically cleared and need manual interference to clear cache on Mac. If you use one of the best Mac cleaners, it can automatically clear cache on Mac.

Where is Cache File Stored?

Cache files are stored in different sub-folders in the Mac libraries. You need to expand every sub-folder to manually clear cache on Mac as you can’t delete the folders directly. You can look for cache files in ~/Library/Caches for user cache or /Library/Caches for system cache files. If your hard drive is running out of space, the software failed downloads or installs, file copying failed, or virtual memory is malfunctioning, it’s time to clear cache on Mac.

How to Clear Cache on Mac?

There are a few quick steps that you can perform to clear cached files on Mac manually. If you wish to automate the process, you can make use of the best Mac cleaners to automatically clear cache on Mac and remove all temp files, cookies and other clutter from your device. You need to close all the running and active applications in the background before initiating the cleaning process.

Method 1: Clear Cached Files on Mac

A lot of junk files get accumulated as you use the device. You should weekly perform this step to clear cache on Mac.

clean cache files

Step 1. Go to the Finder and click on ‘Go to Folder’ in the Go menu.

Step 2. Type ~/Library/Caches in the search bar and hit the Enter key to explore the user cache.

Step 3. Expand all the sub-folders and delete all the files from every sub-folder.

Step 4. Type /Library/Caches in the search bar again and expand all the sub-folders to remove temporary system files. It is suggested to clear the files and not the folders or sub-folders. The main folders that store cache files in Libraries are Cache, Preferences, App Support, and Containers. Remember to clean the Trash Bin once done.

Empty Trash on Mac

Method 2: Clear Browsing Data from Safari & Other Browsers

Safari is the default browser on Mac yet users prefer using Google Chrome or Firefox for multitasking. It is suggested to clear cache on Mac from all your browsers on a weekly basis to keep it clean and perform just as expected.

open Safari preferences

Step 1. To go Safari and click on the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Step 2. Go to the ‘Privacy’ tab on the top ribbon to look for more options.

clear browser cache and history

Step 3. Click on the ‘Manage Website Data’ button to explore different website options.

Step 4. It will show you a list of cookies, cache, temp files, history and other files that is accumulating space on your drive.

Step 5. Put a check on all the site and click on the ‘Remove All’ button. Click on remove now for confirmation.

Step 6. If you are doing it for the first time, you should Restart your Mac once done.

The Deep Clean Process

Developer option in Advanced Menu - Safari

For deep cleaning, click on the ‘Advanced’ menu instead of the ‘Privacy’ tab and put a check on the ‘Show Develop Menu’ in the Menu bar. Now, click on the Develop menu on the top and click on the ‘Empty Caches’ option.

“Please Note: To clear cached files on Mac from Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, you can follow these steps.”

Method 3: Use the Best Mac Cleaners

This is one of the easiest ways to clear cache on Mac and optimize your Mac to work as good as new. You can make use of one of the Best Mac Cleaners in 2021 to do this automatically. Such Mac cleaners ensure that your Mac is maintained in the best possible health and is always optimized to its best.

You can download and install your favourite Mac Cleaners from the list and initiate a scan. It will automatically find and remove hidden junk files, kill background apps, block adware, pop-ups, virus, and any malicious content that can harm your computer. These Mac cleaners come as a one-stop solution with a bundle pack. You can always try free versions before putting your hard-earned money in the paid versions.

Tweak and Tuneup is one of the best Mac cleaners that we have reviewed in 2021. This is a lightweight software that doesn’t utilize much of your system resources yet offer the best protection and cleanup. It has one-click cleaning that cleans system files, crash reports, system logs, cache, cookies and temp files. It has inbuilt tools like a duplicate finder to remove duplicate files, a software uninstaller to securely uninstall applications, an internet privacy protector and large file cleaners to recover precious space.

Summing Up

Every gadget, device or electronic machinery require maintenance to function at its best. Mac devices are not prone to infections but do store cache and temp files. We can’t offer regular maintenance for overall cleaning and optimization with the manual process. We can make use of the Best Mac Cleaners to clear cache on Mac and automatically take good care of our device. Keep it Clean!

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