How to Create an Effective Custom Printed Product Label Design?

It’s all about product appearances today. Your products are an extension of your brand and represent your brand ethos while communicating product info to buyers. With so many identical products in the market, it becomes hard to differentiate between brands. But one thing that separates popular brands from ordinary ones is the packaging label.

Labels give a perception of the brand. It defines whether a new brand does well or fades away quickly from customers’ memories. Distinctive and professional labels become instantly recognizable and prove effective for soaring sales figures. The basic function of custom printed product labels is to give information and details about the brand. Apart from the alluring graphics, the labels can be printed with this important info that helps customers to make their selections. Consumers always look for their specific needs mentioned on these labels and whether the products comply with certain rules and regulations. Different labels generate varying reactions from the viewers.

If you want your production time and effort to pay-off productively, then wrapping your products with engrossing labels might a good idea. Getting custom labels helps to distinguish your products from rival brands and constructs an individual brand identity. Well-crafted labels add an air of professionalism to the brand. Customers also tend to gravitate towards labels that intrigue them about the products. They can precisely fit into your objectives for giving a durable impression about the brand to potential buyers. There is a huge potential that the labels hold for advertising and promoting your brand. Some of them include:

custom printed product labels

Builds a trusting brand image

No customer will buy your products if they don’t trust the brand. How do you make them rely on your brand name? It’s simple. Customers tend to take the products at face value. Therefore, customizing labels to your apt requirements and in the best of graphics will convince buyers to try your products. Moreover, products with chemicals and potentially harmful elements, need instructions for uses and ingredients mentioned on the labels. Customers will only buy these products if they feel that the brand has taken every possible care to inform them of all its benefits and uses.

Encapsulates the product

A good label fits the products perfectly. You might notice that brands with high popularity have labels that wrap products firmly and are of complimenting sizes. A well-fitted label makes the products look great. It shouldn’t be too short to leave gaps and neither should be oversized to give a messy look. An efficient printing partner can create the right dimensions while saving costs and resources.

Convenient to create

Customizing must be made easy for you to pick and choose different label features without any hassle. All you need to do is send in your required specifications such as the size, color, brand logo, name, and select the add-ons you want to incorporate in the labels. Your ideal labels will be delivered to you within no time. The process is as straightforward as ordering from your favorite restaurant and having the dish ready to eat!

Advertising at no additional costs

You have already paid for the labels so why not use them for branding too. This way you can accomplish multiple tasks with one single label. Creatively styled labels urge customers to select them over the next brand. They also work well to positively influence buyers to keep buying from your brand as the labels are everything they have been looking for. You can attain fabulous and effective labels printed with superior inks and created with custom sticker printing. They stick well on the products and secure them from scratch and moisture too.

How to customize constructively?

The most amazing aspect of customizing labels is that they should be aligned with your overall brand marketing. Consistency is key in making the brand familiar amongst potential clients. The brand identity should be reflected on the custom printed product labels for customers to identify it wherever they see it. Whether you want the labels to be black & white, in color, or with specific illustrations, it is entirely up to your vision for the products. Here are some guidelines to help you craft the best labels:

  • Add your unique brand logo – this is crucial for brand recognition and allowing customers to pick your products the net time they shop.
  • List intrinsic product info like the nutritional info, country of manufacture, side effects, allergens, etc. to avoid customer complaints and comply with set regulations.
  • Feature a QR code on the labels that makes accessing your website convenient and aid buyers to attain more info about the products and brand. This would further help to generate customer loyalty and make the brand a name to trust.
  • Incorporate illustrations that give an apt representation of the product. Customers first see the labels before they physically pick the product. So, let the potential buyers know of the product you are offering through eye-catching pictures that instantly inform customers about the contents inside.

Why go custom and not off-the-shelf?

By now you would be aware of the several benefits of custom printed product labels. If you are thinking of picking one that is ready to be pasted, then hold on! Wrapping your products with generic labels would dimmish the efforts of producing better products than the competitors. You know that your products are effective but the customers don’t. Custom-made labels help to project just that. They are an efficient communication tool that directly involves the buyers. Not just the product info, you can print whatever you desire on these labels and use them for cross-selling too. What better way of reaching out to intended customers? They conveniently grab the attention of shoppers and compel them to buy the products. Most customers admit to buying products on the spot if they like their appeal.


Labels are a constructive way to tell customers that they are getting a premium quality product. It is a great way of putting your brand out there and makes your brand a successful one without spending a lot of your finances or time.

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