How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures

Users can’t see the larger version of the profile pic on Instagram. Instead, their profiles show a small image in the top left corner. For various reasons, many people are looking for an easy way to expand in on Insta profile pictures or download the original form. You’ve come to the right location if you’re from those people.

You can change or remove your present profile picture from a mobile device by pressing and holding it but there is no option to save or download it. On the other hand, you can right-click on the little copy of your own profile picture and save it to your computer on a PC. But I’m not sure that’s what you’re after.

So, what will you do if you want to see an Instagram user’s profile image in its original size? Keep your eyes peeled!

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Download an image for your Instagram profile

Using tools, you can save Instagram profile pictures or view them in high resolution. You can find downloaders for stories and posts if you search for Instagram profile pictures downloader. It looks that the importing of profile picture tools is faulty. Some of the tools have been put to the test, and a report has been created.


Instazoom de is an online tool that will allow you to download full-size profile images of Instagram Users, but when I tested some of them, it couldn’t capture the IDs or account information. I took the advice and it worked for me. However, the image quality will not be identical to that of the original. Because the size of the photographs changes when they’re uploaded to a user’s profile, it’s logical. As a result, when you download the image, the quality will be lowered.

To see and download any significant Instagram profile image, simply open your web browser on your smartphone or computer and follow the instructions below:

What’s the best approach to check out someone’s Instagram profile pictures?

To see full-size Instagram profile pictures, use the Instazoom features.

  • Visit
  • Type in the desired account picture’s username (now you will see the picture in its real quality and size)
  • Select “Download” and save the file to your smartphone.

Instazoom can also be used to save Instagram highlights and stories.


This recently developed utility functions similarly to Instadp. To save Instagram profile images, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Type in the desired account picture’s username (now you will view the picture in its real quality and size)
  • Save the picture to your device by right-clicking on it.

Environment of the IZUUM website

On Android, you can save your Instagram profile pictures.

Follow these steps to find an app on the Play Store that will allow you to download Instagram profile pictures:

  • Go to Instagram and open the app.
  • Find the person whose profile picture you want to keep.
  • Write down or copy this person’s username.
  • From the Google Play Store, get any free profile picture saver app, such as InstaProfile.
  • Paste the id that you copied before into the appropriate field.
  • Select “Download” from the drop-down menu that appears. (Select the diskette icon for this application.)
  • That’s it!

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Android App for InstaProfile

Images from Instagram profiles can be downloaded to your iPhone. On the Mobile App, iPhone users can find some free solutions for saving Instagram profile pictures. To do just that, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch the Instagram application.
  • Locate the individual whose profile image you’d like to save.
  • Copy the username of this individual to your computer or write it down.
  • Download any free profile picture downloader such as Zoomer for Instagram from the app store.
  • Open the app.
  • Paste the id where it’s asked for, and you’re done!

An Insta profile pic viewer is a person who looks at other people’s photos on Instagram for some type of business or work. Almost all Instagram users are aware that there is no default feature for viewing a friend’s profile image account on the platform. So, how can we get a full-resolution image of someone’s Insta profile picture? Using an Insta profile picture viewer is an easy option. They are a broad group of third-party program that allow you to view the Instagram profile pictures of anyone on Instagram which are all discussed above.

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