How To Find a Dress for Every Occasion

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Are you looking for a dress to wear to your next wedding? Planning on going to prom? Wondering about the best outfit for your friend’s destination wedding on a beach in Hawaii? Whether you are looking for formal dresses, fancy dresses, special occasion dresses, or something more casual, this article will help you find the one – and maybe two – perfect dresses.


First, you may have heard about this crazy new thing called Pinterest. It is the social media darling that allows people all over the world to post and share images that interest them. There are all sorts of things for sale, but more importantly for our purposes, there are countless types and styles of dresses that other people have worn in interesting places and at interesting times in their lives. Dress fashion is ever-changing and evolving, so it stands to reason that any dress may be outdated or simply no longer in style. Luckily for us, though, we can see what once was cool among these fashionistas and then use these images to inspire a new look.

The Wedding Dress

If you are attending a wedding, you want to look good. What constitutes “good” may vary from person to person, but typically it refers to elegance and refinement. So, here are some things to consider: You don’t want to show up wearing the same dress as someone else, so avoid dresses that look too similar in design and color or have the same fabric, trim, or design pattern.


You don’t have to worry about this as much for a beach wedding because sand is the perfect neutral. If you are wearing a casual or formal wedding dress to a beach ceremony, you may want to consider some cover-up to avoid removal difficulties later. You don’t want your dress to be too formal, though. As a rule, the more formal the event, the more formal the dress code. Whatever your taste in attire is, try to find a balance between what you’re wearing and what kind of ceremony and reception it is.

The Prom Dress

If your prom is coming up soon or you just never had one, there may be more pressure on you than usual to find that perfect dress for yourself. If your dress is the only thing you’re wearing to your upcoming prom, it will be a full-contact situation. It can’t be too fancy or too simple. You probably don’t want anything that looks like a floor-length nightie, so consider the fabric. The front of the dress – the part that shows – needs to be long enough to cover your boobs and look like what you’d envision for someone at their senior prom. You also want to avoid looking over-dressed in this situation. For example, if you go as a theater geek with red shoes and a blue blazer, it’s just not going to work. The sky’s the limit but keep everything in good taste.

The Party Dress

Party dresses are often characterized by their short length. However, unless you’re going to a very fancy party, there is a way that you can be both sexy and classy while doesn’t involve being overtly risqué. The key is to consider the fabric and the cut of your dress, as well as the accessories you will pair it with. You can go for something in a fabric that has shine or sheen.

The Cocktail Dress

There’s a wide range of options for cocktail dresses, but they are usually strapless and come in varying lengths, depending on your body type and how you want to show off your legs. If you want to wear heels, you better ensure your dress has a heel. The fabric can range from mesh to low-cut, flowing fabrics made from organza or chiffon. Sometimes cocktail dresses are basic in design with little or no print. Sometimes they are more elaborate and take on an abstract look. Most cocktail dresses have some easily identifiable features: they can be sleeveless or very short in length with a stole-like wrap. These dresses work best for someone who wants something a little sexier than their everyday dress but are still appropriate for a formal dinner function, holiday party, or wedding reception.

The Formal Dress

Nothing is more elegant than the quintessential formal gown, whether you’re looking for something long and traditional or jaw-droppingly breathtaking. Formal dresses are usually strapless, either very long or very short on the body and have more than one layer of fabric. They are also luxurious and can be a little tough on your wallet. However, if you’re not treating it like a slipcover and throwing it in the dryer, you can get an amazing formal gown that will last for years.


As you can see, there are many types of dresses that you can consider wearing. You will have to decide which dress is the right one but rest assured that if you think long and hard enough, ask for help. 


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