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How To Find, Hire And Use A Man With A Van Service In Australia?

So when I was living in Melbourne and my fiancee was in Perth, it was hard for us to meet because of the distance and work. Both our parents were forcing us to get married soon, but because of our jobs and busy schedules, we were postponing our wedding.

But then a miracle happened out of nowhere, and one day my boss asked me if I could join their Perth office, as they needed a responsible employee over there who could handle accounts well. Since I had already been working at my then-present company for two and a half years, they were aware of my talents and skills. I told this thing to my family, and we all got so emotional.

Before my girlfriend moved to her hometown of Perth, she was working in Melbourne but couldn’t find a suitable job there, so she went back to Perth to open her bakery.

Well, before you click on the X button on the right side, I wanted you to know our story and how both I and my fiancee struggled with house moves in three different cities before settling in our dream home.

Anyone can find a house or office relocation a stressful task because of the numerous things involved. I too, had to deal with the same problem when I wanted to move to Perth from Melbourne.

But then one of my colleagues came to the rescue! He told me to hire moving companies that offer all the necessary services required for a house move. However, I was too reluctant to hire them as I wasn’t sure if they would be able to handle my furniture, my grandma’s gifted piano, and other valuable items.

So I began my quest to find for the best removalist company in Australia.

The Rising Demand for Hiring Man With A Van

According to a google stats, over 100,000 people in Australia alone have relocated either locally or interstate for various reasons such as marriage, ageing parents, economic conditions, or anything else.

Because of their injury and busy schedule, it is obvious that they cannot DIY everything. While the house-moving process brings a lot of emotions with it, it also brings the stress of relocating valuable items. Ensuring everything goes as planned and is protected and packed safely should be everyone’s number one priority.

This is why many people are opting for the man and van services and I did the same.

A “man and a van” service is used by people all over Australia who are looking for a timely moving service. These services meet your specific needs related to moving and can be accessed in any city.

No matter in which suburb you are looking, you can use this service for all your moving needs.

So when I was searching on Google for this type of service, I wanted an affordable, reliable, and honest company that could help me with all my tasks during the relocation process.

Here are the five major benefits that I received, and I want you all to experience the same:

1. Cost-effective service: Hiring a professional expert can help you save a lot of money. Many think that hiring moving companies is expensive as they take a lot of fees for relocating and assembling your belongings. But, I want to say that I saved a lot on various things such as packing material, moving tools, cardboard boxes, and renting a vehicle. As I hired two men and a truck in Melbourne, I did not have to incur anything on these things because they were well prepared in advance.

2. Timely delivery: Another benefit that I enjoyed after hiring professionals during my move is the timely delivery of my belongings. Since moving takes a lot of time and also I didn’t have the required skills and expertise to pack and load my things on my own. On the other hand, they were proficient and skilled, so they didn’t waste much time delivering my furniture from Melbourne to Perth

3. Easy availability: As I mentioned above, this type of service is available all over Australia. Many companies offer it in your neighbourhood, regardless of where you live. Say, if you live in Brisbane and want to move to Sydney you can always use the facility two men and a truck in Brisbane.

4. Safe delivery: By hiring an expert you can be sure that your priceless antiques and other sensitive objects will be expertly packaged and transported safely. They not only possess the necessary knowledge, but also the proper tools for the job. Moving also necessitates a significant amount of lifting. The companies that offer man and van services have received enough training in the proper techniques for carrying heavy goods like pianos or pool tables safely.

5. Insurance coverage: You can never predict your furniture nor unforeseen circumstances. But if you use the services of a removalist company, you can always protect your valuable belongings from breakage and damage during transit. All you have to do is pay an additional insurance cost which will be covered by your moving cost and if any damage happens on their part then you won’t pay anything.

Relocating and moving are considered the most difficult tasks. Because there is so much to do, you cannot handle everything alone and this leads to include the moving companies in your moving process.

When moving out, it’s crucial you choose the best experts who can handle everything for you without making you lose your sleep worrying or panicking.

A right size of the van with a professional man will save both your time and money.

So the question is how will select the best moving company?

Well, I have a solution for this too.

If right now, you are living in Perth and want to move to any other suburb of Australia, you must keep the following points in mind when hiring the top man with a van in Perth:

1. An AFRA member: You must ensure that the moving company you are hiring is a member of Australian Removals Furniture Association. This means that they are required to adhere to a code of conduct and guarantee the highest standards in regards to things like personnel training, truck upkeep, packaging, and tool usage. Additionally, AFRA removalists must possess the appropriate public liability and workers’ compensation insurance plans.

2. The expertise of the men: The individual who is coming to you with a van to pick up your valuable belongings must have the necessary skill for it. The man in the van must be able to perform the necessary work as well as effectively converse with you regarding the moving process. If you have a doubt that their men are not proficient enough then there is no point of wasting your time and money.

3. Consult references: Obtaining references is among the best methods for finding reputable 2 men and a van. You can enlist the help of your coworkers, neighbours, friends, and family for this. They can provide you with a few reliable names. You can improve your chances of receiving quality service by getting solid referrals.

4. Compare price quotes: Today, almost every moving company offers free quotes on their website. All you have to do is take a free quote from the selected companies and then compare their prices. It’s critical to remember that each company has a unique pricing structure. Therefore, it is preferable to request estimates from each one separately and compare the costs, advantages, and other offerings.

5. Any additional service: While there are direct services like packing and transportation, some companies also provide boxes, packing supplies, and unloading accessories. Although when hiring a man and a van in Perth will only offer you loading and assembling of your belongings but in some cases they may offer an additional service.

The majority of people prefer to relocate quickly and without causing any damage to their possessions, whether they are moving their offices or their homes. But moving involves a number of difficult removal issues that can only be addressed by expert moving companies.

Some common moving services are:

  • House removalists: Whether you’re moving with your family or on your own,either moving to Brisbane or Adelaide, transporting all of your belongings can be stressful. This is why, you need the help of two men and truck in Adelaide who can help you transport your valuable belongings safely and precisely.
  • Furniture Removalists- With a growing fleet of all sizes of trucks, today, removal companies offer pickup and deliver options at your office if you want to shift your office in Australia. These professionals also offer lorries, trolleys, moving pads etc for your office furniture to be moved safely.
  • Interstate Movers- Those people who are looking to move interstate either to/from Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane will require the services of an interstate mover. Intercity or interstate removals are easily handled by men and van professionals who can make your moving journey easy and hassle-free.
  • Piano Removalists- Are you moving from Brisbane permanently and you need someone who will safely load your piano to the vehicle and take it to your desired location? Well, 2 men and a van in Brisbane understands how to handle even the most fragile and sensitive items like piano and will help you safely relocate it to the other location.
  • Packing and Moving Services- Packing up your entire house in your spare time can be time-consuming especially if you have kids. Generally the man and van service experts only help you with transferring your items from one location to another but they can also offer packing and moving services as per your request. They are equipped with the packaging materials and have the necessary tools to help you with your moving process.

    The Takeaway

    Now that you have a complete guide on how to use a man and van service anywhere in Australia, you must opt for the best company that will prove to be beneficial for you in all ways.

    I hope you find this article useful for your next moving process

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