How to Find the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training in 2022

There are many factors to look for, if you have decided to join for online yoga teacher training. In order to join online yoga teacher training you have to confirm the style of yoga you want to practice and the institution where you want to pursue your course. If you have fixed these two factors, it is guaranteed that going for an online yoga TTC will offer you a better educational experience. Even though you don’t have any intention of teaching yoga, completing yoga teaching training will drastically improve your quality of life. Another aspect that makes online yoga teacher training great is its attractive pricing and flexibility in studying. You would be completing a professional teaching course that enables you to earn a passive income with your existing job or you can become a full-time yoga teacher.

This blog post discusses some tips to find the best online yoga teacher training in 2022.

Tips to find the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training in 2022

The reputation of the Institution: Although the reputation of the institution will not automatically vouch for the quality of the teacher training programs, it can be safely assumed that reputed institutions will run only those teacher training programs that meet a requisite standard. In other words, the reputation of an institution can be directly proportional to the quality of the programs they run.  So have thorough research on the institutions where you want to do your yoga teacher training.

Teacher’s Profile: No training program is complete without the teachers who mix the lessons from their experience with the course materials. Most institutions willingly share information regarding their teachers, including their qualifications and experience. Basic research of the teacher’s profile can shed a lot of light on what can be expected from the teacher. One can also utilize the potentials of social media while researching the teacher’s profile. Studying online offers a wonderful opportunity of getting trained under some of the masters in the discipline. Don’t be hesitant to reach out and ask your doubts, if possible, attempt to join any one of the classes to see the class meets your expectation.

Course Syllabus: A course must be well-structured and comprising of meaningful content. It should ideally incorporate the innovations, while filtering out the unproven and obsolete, along with clarity on concepts and techniques. It must be suited for the target students such as beginners or professionals, as the case may be. Consider checking the syllabus of the course and understand the time they have dedicated for each section. Some courses may be theory-oriented while others may be practical.

One must properly understand the method of learning to determine if it suits their requirement. As far as teacher training is concerned, practical learning is significant. Your course should be given importance to both philosophy and teacher training techniques.

Certification of courses: Courses that are accredited to reputed certifications tend to be more reliable. Such courses generally assure a minimum standard and are usually worth the cost. Check if your course is accredited to Yoga Alliance.

Cost of the course: When it comes to training, the cheapest is not always the best. But then, neither is the most expensive. Although one must be conscious of the cost, it must not be the sole determining criterion. While considering the cost, the location, foreign exchange rate, general average cost of similar courses in the area, etc. must also be taken into account.

Method of Learning: As an online learner, you will have a package consisting of different learning materials such as manuals, assignments, recorded videos, quizzes, work books, guides, etc. Fix you don’t have to pay extra money for exams or certification and you have full time access to all the learning materials.    

Team Connection:  Make sure the institution has a proper well- connected system to interact with teachers and instructors if you have doubts and your fellow online classmates. There are yoga institutions that offer live sessions, webinars, calls, and active social media groups to share your thoughts and insights. This keeps you connected with the rest of the class and bonds you with people from different parts of the world sharing the same goal.

Testimonials: Authentic testimonials by people who have attended the training program could be a really useful indicator of the quality of the program. Try to read maximum testimonials of the course. Google rated reviews and star ratings are also useful in finding the authenticity of the program.

Arhanta’s Online Courses

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Many yoga institutions and studios offer authentic online classes. It is your responsibility to find the most suitable course among the sea of courses. However, parameters like this help you in choosing the right course to an extent. Yes, To an extent because it is you who make your journey. An incredible life-changing journey. So make your mind and hope for the best.

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