How To Fix A Mac Stuck Installing a macOS Update?

Many times, we have encountered a problem where our Mac is stuck while updating.  If your mac is stuck while updating then we can perform some steps to unstuck our Mac.

We all have updated our Mac and it is a simple task. We receive notification of the update and then we click on the install button to update our Mac. There are many cases in which our Mac has already downloaded the update and it will just install it.

Here we will learn how to stop a mac software update in progress if it is stuck. Also, we will learn how we can cancel the Mac update while installing. Always use some best mac cleaner software to update mac in one go.

What to do if you can’t download the macOS update

If your Mac update is stuck then you can try these things to resolve the problem.

  1. Check Apple’s servers Status

Whenever a new update is released all the users start to download the update that will cause the update servers to get loaded and stuck. So in order to check the status of the server you have to go to Apple system status page that will tell you about all the services that Apple provides.

You can check the MacOS Software Update status for any issues.

check system status

  1. Switch to a wired connection

Wired connection is always more reliable than the wireless connection. Also, the wired connection provides more speed than the wireless connection.

If your Mac is stuck while updating then we suggest you to change to wired connection.

  1. How to stop a mac software update in progress:

If your Mac OS update is stuck then you have to cancel the update sometimes. Method of cancelling the stuck MacOS update will depend on the version of the MacOS installed on your Mac.

From the Mojave Apple have changed to System Preferences> Software Update from the update found in the Mac App Store.

If the Update is stuck and you have to stop it then you have to click on the X button in front of the download bar.

software update

Previously you had to visit the Mac App Store and then check the update of the software.

  1. Download the software from Mac App Store

Many of the users think that the software update can only be installed from the software update section, however, software updates can also be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

However, this method is not guaranteed to download the update. So, you may have to use other methods for downloading the software update.

no update found

  1. Download the software from Apple’s support website

Apple’s website also lets you download the update. If you are facing problems downloading the software update normally then you have to download the update manually from the Apple website.

How to tell if a macOS update has stalled

Whenever the Mac is stuck then you will see a spinning beach ball logo. However, most of the time this program gets automatically resolved and your Mac starts working normally. However, if you see the logo for the long time then your Mac may be stuck.

mac update

Also, other times you will see black, grey, or the white screen. There can be some situation where the screen goes dark that it seems the Mac is turned off.

The reason behind the warning to backup your data before starting the update is because if for any reason your Mac OS update is stuck and you reboot your device then you could lose the data. Also, your device may become inoperable. So before forcibly rebooting the Mac make sure that your device isn’t stuck.

If your Mac is stuck then you will see “macOS could not be installed on your computer” error, this can be a big problem as you won’t be able to start your Mac. So, you have to start your Mac in safe mode and download the installer again.

  1. Find out if your Mac has really frozen

Before you make sure that your Mac is stuck make sure that you thoroughly check the Mac.

It may be possible that your Mac is taking a very long time and it appears that your Mac is stuck. So, you may have to leave your Mac for a couple of hours or sometime you have to leave your Mac overnight.

You have to check the progress bar for the installation progress. Some time you won’t see the bar moving but the time displayed will change. Some time when installing the Mac is stuck on the previous file and it will delay the whole process. Sometimes it will say 10 minutes is remaining and then it will change to 1 hour.

Your Mac may have been stuck for a long time but some time it may be possible that it is at the end.

  1. Look at the Log to see if your Mac is still installing macOS

To check if the mac is installing the update and it is not stuck you can check the logs by pressing the Command + L button. This will open up the additional information which will show the time remaining and the list of the files installed.

  1. Wait

If you want to make sure that your Mac OS update is not stuck then you have to wait.


If you MacOS Installation is stuck then you can take help from this article. You just follow some simple steps so unstuck your Mac. Many times, if you take some wrong stop then your Mac may become inoperable. If you want to know how to stop a Mac software update in progress if it is stuck.

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