How to get a Deal on Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser is recognized worldwide as a durable, capable and practical vehicle for many people. From the classic FJ40 to the current J200 series, the Land Cruiser has been doing the work for almost 60 years in America, and we are fortunate that as the vehicle has grown, its off-road skill has not diminished.

The newer generations VEHICLES OF TOYOTA IN UAE are certainly large and luxurious, but they still get dirty with the best of them. For that reason and a few other reasons, like Toyota’s legendary reliability, Land Cruisers hold their value pretty well, so when you buy one, you need to be special to get the best price. Toyota introduced the J100 Series Land Cruiser in 1998, a continuation of the popular J80 developed between 1990 and 1997. The J100 was the first Land Cruiser to offer a V8 (the only engine offered here in the United States). the first to have an independent front suspension. Both options reflect Toyota’s desire to make the Land Cruiser more palatable to a wider audience, especially in the United States, where the SUV boom was in full swing.

Globally, a “105” variant of the J100 series was offered with a range of solid engines and front and rear axles. 105 went ahead with most of its chassis and powertrain coming from the J80, which is great because it has led to more parts being available to shift to 100. If you intend to have an incredibly comfortable and spacious vehicle that you can handle almost any terrain environment, a 100 with solid axles and a turbo-diesel replacement should be a no-brainer.

Now if you just want a big SUV that has good pavement and can tow lots of goods and people, 100% legs will do the job. These vehicles may lack some of the modern conveniences you want, but nothing you need. Any issues you may have with the outdated navigation system or the lack of a backup camera if it was not available can be resolved with aftermarket solutions. Either that, or you can buy a $ 10 ventilation clip for your smartphone and use your mirrors like people did in the old days.

Apart from these modern luxuries that we are recently used to looking for, the J100 Land Cruiser lacks nothing. Toyota went above and beyond to design these vehicles, and the fact that NATO uses them both at home and in a suburban family is proof of that fact. The J100 retained much of the original Land Cruiser spirit while adding the amenities that buyers have come to expect from a premium SUV. The later you look at the production run, the better it will be if you are concerned about safety features and technology – for example, front seat side airbags and two side curtain airbags were added in 2007. rows, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior Rear

When Toyota moved to the J200 in 2008, it left the original Land Cruiser legacy and went on to turn the vehicle into a modern luxury off-roader. On the other hand, the J100 retains enough of an analog feel and a classic Land Cruiser look to get nods from 4 × 4 purists. The prices of the J100 series are also much more attractive than the J200 with many pure examples available in the $ 20k- $ 30k range. Given the reliability of the 4.7-liter V8 and affordable prices on spare parts, it is a good effort to look for a well-maintained J100 with high mileage. But if you have the money to spend in advance, an example of a low mileage like the one below is the route you would take. Either way, you end up with a vehicle that has great value that you can enjoy for years or sell for a decent performance.

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