Brand Awareness

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

Standing out as a brand in a saturated market is one of the best ways to succeed in business. Look at KFC and McDonald’s. They have etched their brands so deeply into people’s lives and minds that they now demand KFC and McDonald’s.

You can use brand awareness to attract and retain customers and make your brand a part of people’s lives. While you may need help reaching industry leaders, getting your brand noticed is worth trying. These are three proven strategies to increase your brand awareness.

First Impression

Packaging is not just about a bottle or box. Packaging is the first impression consumers have of your brand. They last. That’s what they say about first impressions. So you better make them count.

It doesn’t matter if you’re online or in a physical store; effective packaging design is crucial. Creative packaging design will make your product stand out and be remembered. It also reflects your brand image.

Undoubtedly, customers prefer attractive packaging to neutral and unattractive options.

About 63% of customers believe personalized packaging makes receiving their packages more interesting. However, 51% are more inclined to recommend items with branded packaging. 48% also think the packaging is worth the investment.

Good packaging is a way to attract customers and convince them to stay. It also helps build a positive image for your brand.

Reach Audience

The Internet has made it easier and faster to reach your target audience. There are many ways to sell products online. Many of these you can start right away. It’s even easier with social media platforms.

More than 65% of Internet users agree that Instagram is an excellent platform for discovering new products. Almost 69% of marketers consider Facebook the best platform to attract customers. However, 58% of Twitter users visit a brand’s website to follow or buy from them.

You can push your brand to the forefront by being visible on social media.

Create Content

Every business needs to create videos, blog articles, images, podcasts, and other content to increase brand awareness.

Content marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing but costs 67% less. This is why it was voted the most effective digital marketing strategy in 2021 by worldwide marketers.

Content is what drives traffic and affects people’s behavior. Therefore, videos are particularly effective in persuading and attracting customers.

Most Facebook marketing videos were watched by 67% of consumers who reported purchasing items after viewing them. In addition, 33% of consumers watch branded YouTube videos, and 49% want more videos from marketers.

Marketers are also prioritizing blogging. According to Digital Trends, search engines drive 400% more traffic than content sites. As a result, blogging can help you attract more people to your site and expand your audience. It also increases your return on investment.


Companies will use each strategy to stay ahead in any industry. Businesses can build brand awareness to succeed and thrive. Reaching your target audience and getting your brand noticed has never been easier or more cost-effective.

There is no reason to be left behind. These strategies and tools are available to everyone, whether an established business or a new startup.

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