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OTT Marketing Strategy: Increase Your OTT App Revenue

When you publicly launched your OTT app, you believed the conflict was finally won. But even after a few hours or days, the engagement on your OTT platform isn’t what you were hoping for. Sounds relatable? There are a huge number of OTT platform providers worldwide. Every day, millions of videos are actually uploaded to the platform. That is a lot of content to take in!

So how can you differentiate your OTT video platform from the competition?

Just a quick fact:

The high quality of the company’s product line and its excellent marketing initiatives are largely responsible for Netflix’s spectacular growth, which now accounts for 37% of all internet users worldwide.

This one statistic alone should be more than sufficient to convince you of the value of a sound marketing plan for an OTT solution.

Top 11 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your OTT App Audience

A wise marketing plan is the cornerstone of success in any industry. Given the increasing number of people interested in video platforms, this is especially relevant for OTT application providers. The competition, however, also grows as the market grows.

Here are the top 11 OTT platform marketing techniques you should consider implementing in 2022 to boost OTT app revenue, audience size, and engagement.

  • Use SEO for Your OTT TV App

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential if you want to be ranked by search engines and appear in front of potential subscribers. 

Without SEO, your OTT platform could have little to no chance against rivals who might have less valuable content than you have but a stronger SEO plan.

The process of optimizing your OTT platform’s traffic through video SEO techniques is known as SEO for OTT platforms. 

The success or failure of an OTT service primarily depends on SEO, which plays a significant role in expanding your audience and enhancing the exposure of your OTT platform.

  • Utilize Social Forums

The majority of individuals hang out on social media. And if you don’t focus on these platforms, you’re losing money. Think about publishing content that is entertaining to pique your consumers’ attention and entice them to test out your OTT TV app.

Additionally, you may simultaneously broadcast your content over a number of social media networks using Simulcasting feature without affecting stream quality.

  • Work on Email Notifications

Emails might serve as the ideal basis for an OTT marketing plan. The value your app provides to your subscribers should always be your first priority. Email push alerts are the best for that.

  • Make Use of Analytics to Drive Results

With the right analytical data, you may evaluate facts such as where in the globe your OTT app is downloaded most frequently and what types of devices are used most frequently.  

Based on that, you can adjust your campaign designs. Additionally, it provides you with knowledge about how to develop new content based on parameters like average watch times and your most popular content.

  • Delight the Customers With Coupons

Existing customers are encouraged to suggest new users by offering discounts, coupons, free months, or other incentives. Through carefully chosen coupons, new product lines can be offered, and subscribers may be persuaded to try a more lucrative new service. Coupons can also be used to attract new users to your streaming service.

  • Nudge the Users With Push Notifications

User engagement is increased by 88% as a result of push notifications. Push notifications allow you to increase user engagement while maintaining a low-key communication approach.

You can use push notifications for your OTT app to perform targeted, customized campaigns and to draw attention to OTT content that is appropriate for your users’ preferences.

  • Ensure Flawless Personalized Recommendations

You can use client segmentation data to tailor OTT content recommendations.

OTT video apps can deliver two different types of suggestions based on user behavior: one to pick up where the user last left off watching a particular film or television program, and the other to view related material. Here, timing is absolutely essential.

  • Invest in the Right Mix of Devices

Be mindful that a customer may use a variety of devices to access the OTT service, including streaming sticks, and make sure the user experience is consistent across all of these.

The top three streaming options—mobile, TV, and laptop—remain. Among connected TV providers, Android is quickly becoming the industry standard for streaming devices.

  • Gather Critical User Feedback

Any business that wants to offer a better customer experience must ask for consumer feedback. And analyze it, and OTT platforms are no exception. Creating a connection between the brand and the customer should be your first concern.

Ask your customers through surveys what they like and dislike about your OTT app. This will help you get the feedback that will help you keep up your high standards of service and retain your audience.

  • Take Advantage of In-App Messaging Campaigns

Notifications sent to your clients while they are using the OTT app are known as in-app messages. Using in-app messaging to communicate with consumers in real time can be quite helpful. 

You can send a customized message to one or more particular users within your OTT platform using VPlayed’s in-app messaging. You can choose to ask users to keep watching a movie. Or simply send messages for new users, also suggestions, rewatches, etc.

  •  Make Use of Product Badges to Get Premium Subscriptions

A 30-day free trial is offered by a number of OTT providers before customers choose to sign up for a premium subscription. Different OTT platform providers have different subscription plan options.

As an example, Disney + Hotstar uses product badges to inform users of the various content. Options are available in Plan VIP and Plan Premium. Users are informed by the product badges also of the content that is exclusive to their unique plan.

Work On Your OTT Marketing Strategy Now!

Any OTT company that wishes to succeed in this fiercely competitive sector and bring in more OTT platforms. Revenue must give priority to OTT advertising strategies that are consumer-focused. Regardless of how good your content is, Also only the proper marketing strategies supported by complementary in-app features can yield better revenue. All of your marketing initiatives will benefit from features, which will increase engagement and income.

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