How to make yourself feel better when sad ?

Are you feeling low? There are always some dark days when problems start mounting in our life and we feel sad and depressed about it. There are many ways to keep you better when sad. But the point is how to incorporate those ways into actual happiness. Sometimes positive progress may happen quickly. These zombie days when you feel shut down in life can be turned into happy days with our advice. There are ways to improve your mood and keep yourself in better state of mind and health. Everybody is different and everybody has ways of dealing with it.

The science behind it is the FEEL GOOD HORMONES which release from your body when you are happy. But when they disappear, they make you feel sad and depressed. So here are ways on how to stimulate the secretion of “Feel Good Hormones” that make you feel better when sad.

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Take a deep breath


Relax, don’t overstress. Close your eyes and inhale through your nose up to 10 counts and this will relax your system. Hold your breath and exhale through your mouth. This is called deep belly breathing. Try deep breathing exercise and it will really help you in the long run.

Give yourself time. Prioritize yourself. 


Treating yourself with love, care, and affection and giving importance to yourself is a good idea when you feel sad. It makes you feel better when you are sad and releases the “feel-good hormones” which activate your system. When depressed relationships, work, and home take a back seat. Time to give importance and care to your priorities and keep yourself better.


Vent it out or cry. 


If you are feeling bad and depressed about something, it’s important to vent it out rather than keeping those feelings to yourself. Just like you express yourself when happy, you should express when depressed as well. This provides you some kind of relief and ensures that you release all negativity from your system.




Break into a small smile and feel the difference. Keep it natural. If you struggle with this exercise try thinking about happy moments in your life which you have cherished. This will truly make you happy. This exercise should always be done when you feel depressed or sad which makes you happy and releases the “feel-good hormones”.


Stay Motivated 


Focus on thoughts that you can do, this can definitely make you feel better. Give yourself a new meaning and think about the positive aspect of life. Direct your thoughts towards a happy mind so that you create happy thoughts for yourself. This though works wonders every single time.


Write down your thoughts


When you feel low and sad, it’s better to pen it down. This will make you feel better and help you stay in a positive attitude. When we face problems, our focus falls on negative thoughts and actions. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and express your feelings when low by writing it down.


Have dark chocolates


Yes, this really works. Not just chocolate but dark chocolates. It releases serotonin naturally in your body and makes you feel better. Eating chocolates relieves tension. Dark chocolate improves mood and accelerates the endorphins which are the feel-good hormones. Dark chocolates are abundant in cocoa and make you feel better as there is no tomorrow. It’s not the taste that calms you down, it’s the amazing cocoa effect that is stronger than any anti-depressant. Note not just any chocolate or ice cream, try grabbing dark chocolate.


Exercise, Yoga or meditation 


Exercising alleviates your mood as you sweat. The more you sweat, the better, Sweating and burning calories releases endorphins which is the “feel-good factor” in your body and makes a positive rush of energy in your system. Yoga and meditation equally help. The more you meditate, the more you radiate. It energizes your brainpower and calms you down making you feel better.


Music, Dance or Movies 


Engage yourself in good, soothing and calm music which will make you feel better when sad. Watching a funny movie will make you feel happy. Dancing is much better like Zumba dance which sweats you out and you feel a boost of refreshing energy in your system. Blast songs that help you to release the pent up emotions and make you feel at the end of the day


Connect with us. 


If nothing works connect with us at ZORBA WELLNESS. We can make you feel better when sad. As depression starts with sadness. No matter whatever the reason, speak out to us and well will help you with guidance and care. The initial step to cure depression is to fight with sadness if you have any else it may mount up with Chronic depression.

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