How to Reduce the Cover of a Air Conditioner

Your panel air conditioner system has two covers ensuring the inside components. The title page ensures the air channel and front of the air conditioner. This is the piece of the unit you find in the room. The external cover. Or case ensures each of the inner working pieces of the air conditioning system. The intro page could possibly have got screws, contingent upon the producer. The external cover, notwithstanding, appends moderately something similar. 

Eliminate Front Cover 

process  1

Switch off the air conditioning system and turn off the power string from the power source. 

Process 2

Remove the control handles directly from the air conditioning system with your fingers. Search for screws close to the control-handle stems.

Process 3

Eliminate the screws with a head screwdriver, if your air conditioning system utilizes screws.

Process 4

Lift the lower part of the intro page up with your fingers and pull it away from the forced air system. Unfasten the highest point of the intro page and eliminate it totally from the air-conditioning system.

Eliminate Outside Cover

Process 1

Turn off the forced air system and eliminate the intro page. Haul the unit out of the window and into the room. Request that a companion assists with conveying the air conditioning system to a space where you can eliminate the cover.

Process 2

Spot the air condoning system on its side so you can get to the hex head screws getting the case. Eliminate the screws with a nut driver. Spot the unit on its base.

Process 3

Eliminate the screws on each side, tying down the case to the front of the climate control system unit with a nut driver. The screws are close to the front of the case on each side. 

Process 4

Slant the unit on its back while holding the front of the air conditioning system. Request that your aide help you while doing this. There is support on each side between the case and within the forced air system.

Process 5

Lift within the air cooling system away from the case and spot it on its base on a level surface with a towel under it.

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