How To Sell Your Vintage Toys For Cash

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Toys are great to have and when you have kids they can provide a great amount of joy. However, there will come a time when the toys are no longer played with and are eventually stored and forgotten about. The good thing though is that your old vintage toys can be sold so that others can enjoy them. But before selling any type of toy for cash, it is a good idea to know what they are worth.

Determining the Toy Value

When you choose to sell your old toys, it is a good idea to know what they are worth first. Below are a few common ways to determine a vintage toy’s value.

Research The Toy Online

The best research method to use is to use the internet. You can easily visit websites that have sold the same toy in the past. This can usually be seen on auction sites. You just need to search for the exact same toy and view any price results that come up for the toy. If you want a more detailed price comparison, the auction prices can be compared to an online store.

Price Guides

When you want to have the most accurate toy value, then using a price guide will be a great resource. However, the toy price can quickly change from the time a price guide is published. Regardless of any change, the price guide will usually take everything into consideration when it comes to price fluctuations so that the price information remains accurate.

Visit Antique Venues

You have surely watched shows on television where a person has a vintage item and they have it appraised by an expert. When you do the same, you will get an appraisal from an expert in vintage toys. But like everything else, you need to be certain that the appraisal is valid because many times it may be just a way to take advantage of others.


Although having an appraisal will provide the toy’s value, the fee for appraisal may cause your profit to dip if its value is below $100. However, when a vintage toy collection is being appraised, then you may get your money’s worth if the appraiser happens to discover a valuable toy.

Selling The Vintage Toys

Now that you know how to determine the value of your vintage toys, you need to know how selling them should take place. Below are some great tips to take advantage of.

Sell To Toy Buyers

When deciding to get rid of your toys, you need to ensure that the condition of the toy is perfect. When your toys are in perfect condition the toy buyer will be able to provide even more cash for them. Vintage toy buyers will love to buy your old toys and will almost always pay top dollar. Depending on what type of toys they are, you may see a toy buyer pay you, even more, when they discover that you have a rarity.

Sell Them To A Local Pawn Shop

At a pawn shop, they will usually sell for a slightly lower price than what the toys are worth. This is because they are in the business of making money. However, this does not mean you should not sell to them. Especially when you have no other choice and you need the cash.

Sell Them On Auction Sites

Going through an auction site will allow you to place a minimum bid amount. This is a great way to earn a high amount within a certain time period. If selling the toys this way, make sure that the photos you take are detailed and cover every angle of the toy. To ensure that bidders remain interested in buying your vintage toys, it is a good idea to pay for the shipping and offer insurance once the item is sold.


If you are planning to part from your old toys, then you have many options available. However, before you sell them, it is important to have all of your research done and know where you want to have your items sold. When you sell through the suggestions above, you will get the most for your vintage toys.


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