How to Take Proper Care of Your Wedding Band

Your wedding band is a very important piece of jewelry, especially if you believe that it signifies deep, lifelong love and commitment within your relationship with your partner. It is a special item that you want with you forever, and that means taking care of your wedding band in the proper way. Experts are sharing their tips on wedding band maintenance.

Yes, Insure It

Theft, loss, or damage can all occur to one’s precious wedding band, so start with an insurance policy on your rings for you and your partner. This is the best way to begin and will give you and yours that extra security that if something happens to your wedding band, you’re covered.

Avoid Chemical Substances

Wedding bands are designed these days in a variety of handsome and unique metals and materials. However, you live in the real world, and sometimes, you’re around cleaning products and other items that contain chemicals. Some of these formulas can do a number on your ring by harming the metal.


Jewelers advise taking your band off or wearing gloves before using such ingredients as bleach or ammonia, for example, which can damage the ring’s finish.

Dodge Wedding Band Rash

This is a common occurrence in which a lot of people figure that they’re allergic to their wedding bands when in reality, it’s something else.


Did you know that soap and other product residues can build up and cause irritation over time? It happens when moisture and soapy substances interact between your ring and your skin and produce redness, itchiness, and even a wedding band rash.


Before you shower, wash your hands or apply products, try and remember to remove your band. Always dry your hands thoroughly before making contact with your ring.

Clean It The Right Way

Jewelers know that you treasure your sentimental pieces, including the unique men’s wedding bands available today, but you also need to maintain your ring’s quality and appearance with proper cleaning. There is a simple way to do this without harsh chemicals.


According to jewelry experts, simply combine warm water and mild dish soap in a small bowl. Place your wedding band in the mixture, soak it for about 30 minutes, and then, remove it and rinse it thoroughly under warm water, and dry it.


If your band has stubborn dirt on it, take a soft-bristled toothbrush, and gently scrub the grime off it.


This is a safe method many jewelers suggest for home cleaning because the warm water/ dishwashing solution is safe for wedding bands of all metals and even those which feature gemstones or diamonds.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Can Harm

Some invest in an ultrasonic cleaner to have at home to keep their favorite rings and other jewelry pieces sparkling, but these devices are not always the best cleaning method for your wedding band. In fact, what appears as the perfect solution can end up damaging your ring.


Today’s wedding bands can often include rings that boast several different materials. Maybe your great-looking wedding band features an inlay, for instance. Ultrasonic cleaners can cause damage to this style of ring.

Store It Carefully

Another tip to remember in the proper care of your wedding band pertains to storing this important piece of jewelry. Maybe you’re taking it off and putting it away for work you’re doing on a project, etc.


Whatever the case may be, keep your wedding band safely stored in an environment that has a stable temperature. To maintain its beautiful appearance when you’re not wearing it, you can store your band in the ring box it came in.


Also, be mindful of your ring’s particular metal. A 14k gold wedding band can easily scratch. To avoid this unfortunate damage, keep it stored away from other jewelry.

Visit Your Jeweler

Jewelers are professionals who are highly skilled in the care of all pieces of fine jewelry. They can advise you on any aspect of maintenance and can check for damage and also polish your wedding band.


Your wedding band symbolizes your deep connection and love and devotion to your partner. It represents that unbreakable bond between you. Maintain the beauty of your ring into eternity.


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