How to Write a Good Assignment

Often in your school and college you have to write assignments. Writing assignments is an important part of academic life. Many students find writing assignments a daunting task. Writing a good assignment requires skill which everyone does not have. But one can get good at it by practicing and following some simple strategies. In this article we will share with you some useful tips on how to write a good assignment.

Writing a good assignment is no rocket science. There is no need to be fearful if your teacher has given you an assignment to write. In fact, writing a good assignment is a very important prerequisite for your grades. By seeing your assignment, your teacher will get to know about the hard work that you have done for your assignment. Hence writing a good assignment is very important.

Writing a good assignment requires extensive research and reasoning skills. You must be able to question the things so that you are able to find out answers for them. Writing a good article requires skills which vary from subject to subject but there are few general rules which you can follow for writing any article.

  • Research
  • Creating a layout
  • Use lecture notes
  • Use relevant resources
  • Use language according to your audience
  • Small paragraphs
  • Edit and proof-read
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Submission in time

Let’s discuss all these in detail-

  • Research-

Research is an extremely important process. In order to start with you must first understand what your teacher has asked you to represent your report on. An extensive research on your topic is always a good idea. It will help you with so many ideas that you already know about your topic. Moreover, new ideas keep buzzing in your mind. You must research all the content that is reliable to your topic. Once you have a deep understanding of your topic it will be easier for you to write about it. A research will help you with stating all the facts and figures and present them in a meaningful way. Making notes is always a good idea while you are researching. It will help you in writing better. As you will not be able to memorize everything that you have read about. So making notes is always a good idea as you will have something to look for in case you forget anything.

  • Create a layout-

Write down everything that you have gathered from your research. But don’t consider it as the final outcome. You must create a layout first that is how you are going to present your information on the given topic. A good layout will help your audience in understanding your assignment easily. Generally a layout depends upon the type of assignment that you have been given. A format layout for an essay assignment is quite different from an assignment on a research paper. Research papers are quite lengthy and they include a whole lot of information. Hence a proper layout is a must for writing a good article. First go ahead with a rough one. Jot down all you want to write and then make revision to create the final outcome.

  • Use lecture notes-

A lecture note proves to be really helpful for your assignment. A teacher often tells a lot in their lecture. He gives you a lot of information. If you pay proper attention in the class and make notes they can come quite handy. Moreover it makes your teacher realize that you are paying attention in the class. It will be good for your grades. You can always ask for your teacher’s help if you require it. Moreover teachers will also be more interested in helping you out if you pay attention in the class. Attending lectures and making notes is always a good habit.

  • Use relevant resources-

It is always a good idea to use relevant resources for your assignment but don’t forget to mention their details. You can use the already provided data or earlier research for conducting your own research. It will help you in understanding the point of others. Hence if during your research you might find something different you can easily prove your point. But always do it in a polite manner.

Library is often a good place to find all the relevant resources required by you. Another is online. You can find data related to your research online. You can use this data facts and figures for your research but don’t forget to mention their attributes. Also using proper facts and figures enhances your point of view and gives a good overview of what you have found in your study.

  • Use language according to your audience-

You must keep your audience in mind before writing your assignment. Choose language that is easily understood by your audience. It would be a good idea to keep it simple as no one would like to refer to a dictionary after every few lines. Also choose short and easy words. Write your assignment in an appealing way. It should state its message clearly. You should write your assignment in such a way that it should be acknowledged by your teacher. Hence selection of proper words is a must. Language plays an important role in your assignment.

  • Small paragraphs-

Keep your paragraphs small. Lengthy paragraphs will result in an assignment difficult to interpret. No teacher would like to take a pen and paper and write down your points in order to conclude what you want to say. Your assignment must be able to conclude on its own. Keep your paragraphs small and orderly supporting your point of research.

  • Edit and proof-read-

It is necessary that you revise your assignment before submission. So make sure after writing your article you have time to revise it. It will help you in editing your article and help you in finding out any mistakes that you have made while writing. It will also help you in removing any grammatical errors and spelling errors and syntax correction. Also it will help you in identifying any unnecessary parts that you have written and are not required. It will also help you in finding out the flow of your article. It is in sync or not and able to convey your message clearly. Hence editing and proof-reading is a very important step and make sure you don’t skip it.

  • Avoid plagiarism-

Yes, no plagiarism. You heard it right. Your article should be free from any form of plagiarism. No college or university allows plagiarism. It will only create a negative image of you in front of your teacher. Hence reducing your grades. If you have used earlier research or given facts and figures in your assignment then you must give their reference as well. Never copy paste any information in your assignment. Always do your analysis and write your point of view.

  • Submission in time-

It is the most important thing. If you are not able to submit in time, no matter how perfect your article is it will create a negative image of you in front of your teacher. If you are not able to do so then your whole efforts will not be fruitful. They are simply wasted. Don’t create a road bump for yourself in getting good grades. Hence it is of utmost importance that you must submit your article in time.


A good written assignment will help you in getting grades. It is a must for your performance. Writing a good assignment is not difficult. The most important requirement is you have to be good with your resources. Make proper use of diagrams and tables to explain your point. The points mentioned above will help you in writing one.

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