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How To Write Your Dissertation Unimaginably Fast?

We all know that deadlines for academic tasks are nerve-racking. You may want to write your dissertation with full energy and speed. However, the pending tasks and incomplete results are an obstacle in writing your dissertation.

So, do you have enough time to wait for the results and complete the write-up in 10 days? Well, you can speed up the writing process, and if you are enthusiastic, you can actually finish your dissertation in ten days. However, the approach to waiting for results first and then writing is inaccurate.

Do not waste your time if you are already on the verge of drowning. This article is completely fit for you; that will show a secret passage of writing a dissertation in a fast way. Let’s explore them one by one.

Mark Your Calendar With Deadlines:

First, pick your monthly calendar and mark the deadlines with a red pen. You must be aware of future events planned in the upcoming days. Create a timetable for your writing process and adjust the dates accordingly. Prioritise the tasks and write your dissertation with concentration. Several task manager apps (Google tasks, Notion, TickTick) are available to help you manage the tasks. Track your writing progress with these apps and calendars to judge your speed.

Write As Soon As Possible And Continuously:

Another major issue is that students fall deep into the abyss. You should not waste your thinking about what and how to write your dissertation. Your procrastinating activity will paralyse the writing process. Do not delay your dissertation writing task. It will create more doubts and uncertainty in work. Start with whatever data you have. Creating a writing flow begets productivity, and you will be surprised to see the shape and direction of your research arguments. Breaking the rhythmic pattern of writing will divert your thoughts and attention. So, when you write, write with all attention and constantly.

Switch Section When Stumbled On Complications:

It takes time and hard work to write your dissertation in a cohesive and fluent way. The IMRAD format of the dissertation focus on the aspect of the topic. Each section of the dissertation required new insights into the topic. There is no way to tell which section is difficult. Some say literature review is the technical and critical aspect of the dissertation. Some disagree with the former statement and believe that introduction and discussion are difficult. Therefore, you can build your understanding based on your viewpoint. If you encounter trouble in any dissertation chapter, promptly shift the workload and leave the complicated part for later.

Say No To Every Extra Task:

A research student already has a workload of different academic activities. If you are a newbie in your department, it is natural to say yes to the assigned task. However, will you still do it when you run out of time? Be strong to say no to the extra workload that wastes your time. It is important to connect with your colleagues, and collaboration with them brings invaluable research experience; however, unnecessary interaction will create problems for you. So, do not indulge in extra activities and focus on writing your dissertation on time.

Do Not Stand On Other People’s Shoulders:

If you are waiting for feedback and views from your supervisor, then do not do it. It is an absurd belief among students to begin the writing process at the climax of research work. Therefore, they postpone their writing task and eventually face problems in submission. Avoid waiting for your results, and stop looking for your supervisor and colleagues’ feedback. While waiting for your results, devise a writing strategy and prepare a rough draft.

Ready To Take Shortcuts:

The word shortcut seems to be inappropriate in the dissertation journey. But let’s assume it is a saviour to ease your writing journey. Several writing agencies are available that are ready to write your dissertation. Services such as The Academic Papers UK and Affordable Dissertation comprise experienced and professional writers who write your dissertation efficiently. Moreover, you can approach them to buy dissertation online.

Let Other People Revamp Your Dissertation:

The topic of the dissertation is unique and has not been explored before. Research papers and articles from other people will help you write your dissertation quicker. Continue with existing surveys, interviews, questionnaires, and experiments to tailor your dissertation and create a document draft. The notion of publishing your dissertation will keep you motivated to divulge more unique aspects of the topic. It will make the writing process easier and more enjoyable.

Loosen Up Your Circle Of Expectations:

All research students have a roadmap for their careers. With a defined roadmap, there are certainly some expectations to reach the destination. If you stuck to fulfilling your expectations of writing a flawless and first-class dissertation, achieving your goal on time would be difficult. A good decision on time is important to take over the reins of your future career. Adjust your hopes and expectation. Do not look for perfectionism, and do whatever it takes to submit your dissertation on time.

Speed Up The Bibliography Collection Process:

A list of bibliography is mandatory to add to the dissertation. It shows the authenticity and originality of the content. If you want to speed up your writing process, quickly prepare the references you need to add. Find relevant references and create a list that is easy to manage. You can even divide the references according to the chapter of the dissertation. This will help you to know what to write in advance and how to adjust the content.

Fuse Versatile Writing Styles:

If you want to adopt a professional academic writing style overnight, it will be like a dream to go into space without a rocket. Early career researchers do not have high-level writing skills, and due to time limits, they restrain themselves from participating in any writing workshop. All you need to focus on is writing. Do not think about how you will write. Just grab the train of your thoughts and start filling the paper with freestyle writing. Then modify your finalised version with the inclusion of academic style. This is how you will fuse writing style to achieve your dissertation’s deadline.

Final Thoughts:

You cannot decide the time limit to write your dissertation. It could take a year, a month, or 15 days. Well, if you are brilliant enough, finishing it could take a week. It all depends on your decision to make your life easier to lose your grade. The tips mentioned above will help you to fastly write the dissertation.

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