Importance of PrestaShop for E-commerce development

As a business owner, if you want to build and launch an eCommerce business but are not aware of the platform best suited for your needs. Let us acknowledge you about PrestaShop and the significance of using PrestaShop for eCommerce development. E-commerce today could not have been at its best as it is now without the sheer assistance of PrestaShop. Ever since it came into extant, many business organizations and site owners have been on its curtain calls due to the comprehensive and efficient performance it has been providing to different eCommerce sites. The platform came into existence about ten years ago, and to date, it has been in charge to kick-start more than 100,000 active stores all around the globe.

When you think to Hire dedicated Prestashop developers, it brings highly feature-rich, seamless eCommerce outputs. PrestaShop is preferred by developers globally because it comes with an open-license solution. It has over 500,000+ community members and over 3 million downloads. Moreover, it is also available in more than 56 languages and is used largely in over 150+ countries. Above all, there are so many vital benefits of utilizing PrestaShop eCommerce and these can be allocated to the enhanced features of PrestaShop eCommerce that make it different from others.

Prestashop is a non-proprietary eCommerce solution that enables you to design and build your digital store and enhance your business multitudinous. It is incorporated with the features such as rich functionality, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solutions, which persuade developers to create eCommerce websites via this platform. When you Hire dedicated Prestashop developers, their knowledge and expertise can help you several folds with multi-store development at multiple locations, hassle-free addition of 1000+ products, and functions as a host to multiple clients at once without cladding any interruption. Here we’ve enlisted a few reasons to choose Prestashop Development Services for your eCommerce project-

Easy to Use & Implement

PrestaShop is easy to set up, use and has an accessible interface to persuade its users fluently. When you hire a Prestashop Development Services Provider you’re unlatching a whole lot of world of prospective eCommerce development that can work wonders for your organization. Since knowing that eCommerce is a rapidly progressing arena, PrestaShop is the perfect choice for different business verticals. It is also easily available for download at its official website as well as Github. With their dynamic nomination of modules, you can effortlessly manage all the different segments of your site.


PrestaShop acquires zero cost for its first deployment and it installs all the necessary features to run your digital storefront at its initial phase. So, as a significant part of Prestashop Development Services, if you desire to outstretch the functionality of your store to grow your business and enhance profits, then you need to put money into the add-ons as per your requirement and business approach. PrestaShop is exhibited with an add-on marketplace that clenches a lot of modules according to your required business strategy.

Exceptional Customization Options

You can customize your site both via the Back-endand via the front-end. Ordinarily, most of the time customizations are done via the front-end. Chief customizations like modifying the texts, alternating the location of blocks, product customization, etc., everything can be performed through the back office. On the other hand, in the back-end, most of the customization is done based on the products. PrestaShop has a well-organized user interface for product reclamation. It also provides an Export/Import option for different categories.

Inbuilt Performance Enhancement Tools

For any eCommerce website, businesses spend a lot of time and money to improve SEO strategies and friendly URLs. For better speed optimization, developers work on Media Servers to accomplish a domain that does not require a cookie for content delivery, Cache Management, CCC, Minify, and Apache optimization. Thereby, PrestaShop comes with these features and functionalities by default. During product reclamation, it will also ask for data for its Meta Title, Meta Description, and Friendly Url which is very helpful for strategic SEO plans.

Overseas Business

To interact with clients from all around the world, the Best Prestashop Development Company like Shiv Technolabs also focuses on the on-site language functionality and its translation. PrestaShop developers at Shiv Technolabs understand and acknowledge the importance of a prospective customer to stay on your website for a long time, it only happens only when they get to read and understand the website in their language. Therefore, Prestashop supports more than 75 languages globally and can perform site translation. It also enables you to download language packs for distinct countries to fulfill the requirements and expectations of your target audience.

Consistent Improvisations

PrestaShop has been constantly modifying itself in these changing times and keeping with the forthcoming eCommerce features. If we take a look at its overall journey, it has progressed a lot and keeps delivering new upgrades to help business people get the most out of their online stores. This is the reason for its strength to stay in this ever-changing eCommerce world. PrestaShop has also paid extra special mindfulness to its add-on In the initial phase for any usual eCommerce website, the features significantly required are available for free here. For a custom add-on, you need to purchase the respective.

SEO Affable

SEO is the most crucial part of the strategy for any eCommerce business. Hereby, PrestaShop makes it very facile to build SEO-friendly URLs. If you are familiar with and have basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, PrestaShop enables you to effortlessly alter Title tags, Meta titles, Meta Descriptions, and other SEO-related characteristics. It assists you in keeping your online storefront up to date with immense knowledge of your target audience.

To the End!!

Therefore, we just learned and acknowledged the efficiency of PrestaShop and the way it meets our expectations in a very effective way and how its straightforward utilization is a stroke of luck for PrestaShop developers worldwide. Its maintenance costs and overall expense are much more affordable than other platforms, and its integrated performance enhancement tool enables even a person from non-technical background to work with it and customize it seamlessly. However, in case you want feature-rich solutions for your eCommerce website, you can always take the assistance of the Best Prestashop Development Company, Shiv Technolabs, to help you progress in the desired direction and create remarkable websites that are hassle-free and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Talk to our PrestaShop experts today and visit our website to know more about our Prestashop Development Services.

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