Boost Cell Phone Signal at Home With Paid and Free Solutions

Of course, every individual in this era owns a smartphone. After all, it keeps you connected with the entire world hassle-free. However, there may be chances that you are facing delayed messages, dropped calls, or simply uninterrupted communication. The reason behind cellular signal blocking can be either environmental factors or those caused by humans.

Furthermore, the count of smart devices owned by people in the 21st century is ever-growing. As a result, interrupted mobile network coverage and poor signal transmission are common.

Are you also facing the same concerns such as patchy cellular signal reception or poor calls or video conferencing at your home? Luckily, there are several solutions such as a mobile booster and DAS antenna. These are designed to ensure quality and hassle-free connectivity inside the home. 

Below are listed the best free and paid solutions that will help you boost your mobile phone reception without having to impact your pockets.

Let’s begin exploring!!

Free Solutions to Boost Cellular Signal at Home

Determine and Move Away From Interferences

You might be aware that cellular signals are usually the sort of radio waves. These are capable of moving long distances. However, their transmission is influenced and there are many reasons for this. It could be the external environment interferences such as hills, weather, building structure, and more. On the other hand, internal obstructions can also be the factors influencing the transmission of quality signals to the requested devices. It may include building material, a lot of electrical appliances together, metal objects in the surroundings, etc. 

All these reasons can hugely impact the strength and quality of cellular signals. Hence, it is best to determine which of the aspects are the reason for signal blocking and try switching the bedding or device location to the best elevation. This will ensure an improved signal as compared to that offered in the previous situation. 

Try Wi-Fi-Calling When Possible

Do you have a strong Wi-Fi signal? It is best to switch to the cellular setting featuring Wi-Fi calling. It is not that effective in boosting the cellular signal. However, it is a free solution worth trying to improve the signal transmission throughout the house. 

It is to turn on the Wi-Fi calling feature. If you own an iPhone, open the settings by clicking on Phone and then on the Press Cellular option. You will see the Wi-Fi calling feature. The setting on Android devices will depend on the model but finding this feature would be quite easy. 

Change to Less Congested Network Service Provider

Using a less crowded network means the cellular signals will be stronger and more reliable. The bars on the mobile phone showcase the signal quality and strength. 

For instance, there is severe network congestion if your mobile device displays 4G/LTE connectivity but only has a single bar. Simply put, it reduces signal strength and leads to subpar service. Therefore, it becomes essential to switch to a less congested network by changing the phone settings. It will help achieve reliable signals at least until the congestion is reduced. 

Paid and Effective Solutions for Faster and Reliable Mobile Signals

Switch Network Carriers

Are you continually experiencing poor cellular signal reception at home? Switching carriers can be the ideal option. The reason is there are always some carriers with strong signal connectivity in specific areas as compared to other options. 

However, you need to first determine which of the network carriers meets the need for uninterrupted communication before investing in any plan. As most carriers may lure you with affordable data plans and more, failing in meeting the exact carrier switching needs. 

Try Femtocells

A microcell or femtocell is necessary to be connected to the router. It utilizes broadband internet and improves signal reception in particular house locations. As a result, you won’t need to use mobile data to send texts or make calls; instead, you can use the internet.

However, one of its disliked disadvantages is getting out of the range of microcell disable your phone from the network connectivity. This may result in dropped calls or interrupted video conferencing.

Get a Mobile Signal Booster Installed At Your Home 

Mobile phone signal boosters are powerful devices also called extenders and repeaters. The role of such boosters is to receive the weak outdoor signal, rectify it, and retransmit it to the requested device inside the home.  

It is available for homes, offices, and even vehicles. Thus, assuring the instant improvement in cellular signals when installed at the right home location. You will begin seeing better voice calls, reduced dropped calls, and quicker data speeds. Furthermore, it comprises all the essential components like antennas, booster units, and others for hassle-free installation.

Install a Distributed Antenna System

A cellular DAS is a wireless system designed for in-building installation. The combination of its small antennas works to boost the signal reception. Hence, the antennas work on boosting the interior signals and function within the building. The role of the DAS antenna is to enhance the cellular tower signal transmission capacity. How? It comprises multiple antennas for different bands and varying technologies. It can include LTE, GSM, 4G LTE, etc. 

The DAS technology is capable of adding on the antennas as required by the system. This assures meeting the increased bandwidth requirement with ease. Also, it improves the network connectivity inside the home via multiple network carriers. As a result, you will rest assured of experiencing uninterrupted communication. Simply said, adding a cellular DAS ensures that every device inside the house receives the full network strength.


You might be now aware of the potential possibilities of why network connectivity is poor inside the house. Besides, this write-up covers all the possible free and paid solutions to overcome any of such situations. The best of all is to install a mobile booster in your home. It has been proven to be an effective trick to keep the network coverage to its best extent all the time. In addition, you can always seek help from expert technicians. They can better determine the reason for poor internet connectivity and recommend the best possible solution. 

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