Top 7 Indian Jewellery Designs of 2021 You Must Know About

India has preciousness surrounded by everywhere. Whether it’s the culture, the tradition, the fashion, or the hospitality of Indians. One of the countries which have truly made an impact all around the world with their magnificent jewellery designs is also India. The Indian jewellery designs are critically made based on culture and religious aspects. Even the western designs are merged with Indian jewellery designs to create something unique and loved.

Today we’ll briefly talk about seven of the most loved Indian jewellery designs which are popular in 2021 and will truly take over the world in just the coming years.

Jhumki Earring

These hanging earrings have one of the most magnificent aura portrayed on a woman. The beauty and cultural glamour can be easily established with these elegant Jhumki earrings. They are based on traditional designs and can have multiple gemstones studded on them for an extra enchanting effect. Every married woman in India will carry her gracious self on special and traditional occasions by wearing this jewellery. There are many styles of Jhumki and can be found in lightweight or elaborated designs.


Payals are also known as anklets. These are worn by ladies around their ankles to enhance their beauty. The most important aspect of this jewellery is the jingling sound it makes when the wearer walks around. In India, the brides are usually gifted with payals so as to signify her entry into her new home by making the sound, and thereby notifying the family of her arrival. For unmarried girls, this symbolises their confidence and bravery.

Payal is made of silver and never of gold, because gold in India is considered to be a metal of gods. Wearing gold below one’s waist is considered disrespectful.

Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are a mix of traditional designs and modern styles. These choker necklaces are very elaborate in design and very short in length. So short that they stay close to the wearer’s neck. These are heavy and usually have temple patterns and studded jewels and gemstones. Most people also love to have these designs with diamonds embellished in them for additional sparkles. The choker necklaces are popular choices in weddings as well as large functions.

Haram Necklace

The haram necklace is a traditional necklace in India and is very elaborate and heavy in design. They are usually handcrafted to perfection and may have many embellishments like gemstones or diamonds to enhance them. They have a round ornament at the centre which further have a more detailed design and sometimes a depiction of the goddess Lakshmi. Haram necklaces are very common and popular choices as a piece of bridal jewellery, particularly in the South Indian region.

Vanki Ring

The vanki ring is worn on a finger by south Indian brides to enhance their elegance and beauty. These vanki rings have an inverted V-shaped ring and are believed to have the power to help the bride with her new journey of life, as well as keep the negative energy away. Vanki rings are still continuing to glamour the south Indian brides with their unique style and magnificence.


A loved accessory by men and women equally, the Kada is a metal bracelet-cum-bangle that is worn on the wrist. Its significance varies from region to region. Most people wear it just as a symbol of style, confidence and strength while others wear it for religious purposes. This is one of the first accessories which children start to experiment with. For Sikhs, it has a religious value as it is one of the five Kakkars which a Sikh should possess. The Kadas can also be embellished with stones to make them more attractive.

Nose Pin or Ring

The nose pin and rings are worn on the side of the nose and are considered the most important aspect of a south Indian bride. The nose pins are just like studs for ears as the nose needs to be pierced to wear this. However, modern nose pins and rings come in designs where it can just be locked on the nose wall and doesn’t need to be pierced. South Indian brides wear heavy nose rings which are sometimes connected to the maang tikka via a chain.

The creativity of Indian Jewellery Designs

Any jewellery, whether it is an elaborate vanki ring or a simple choker necklace in India is made with pure gold or silver, with extensive craftsmanship from expert jewellers. These jewellers not only keep the jewellery designs in check but also develop such new and modern designs which can cater to billions of people in India. Whether it’s the young girls, children, married women, men, and youngsters, the styles and designs of jewellery in India is unparalleled. You can find thousands and lakhs of designs for each product so that you can choose the perfect jewellery as per your own likings and choices.

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