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Is Organic Food A Healthier Option For Pregnant Women?

Many health experts suggest an organic diet for pregnant women, as it has higher nutritional content than conventional food. As women need a lot of iron during pregnancy, organic meat,  and poultry products replenish the same in their body. The products are certified as free from artificial enhancements that many cattle are subjected to these days. Although the growth hormones are termed healthy, you never know how it affects the growing foetus, so it is best to stay safe. 

But is this the only reason to switch to an organic diet during pregnancy? Not at all! Scroll on to know more. 

It prevents pesticide consumption 

All conventional food products are treated with pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to prevent damages and increase shelf lives. When you are pregnant, you are no more alone. Hence,  you should consume food, which is good for both of you. Organic foods can help prevent pesticide intake, which can be harmful to your baby. As these products are grown naturally with natural fertilisers, they are safe and healthy for consumption. 

It is not genetically-modified 

One of the several disadvantages of non-organic food is GMO. According to food scientists,  genetically-modified foods may cause allergic reactions and even lead to cancerous development in the cells. Such effects can be disastrous to the mother and the baby growing inside her. On the other hand, organic foods are inherently non-GMO, thus safe for pregnant women. When buying organic food for pregnant women, you should check the labels for certification of authenticity. 

What other health benefits organic foods offer? 

Many studies conclude that organic foods reduce preeclampsia in pregnant women. It is a  complication that may arise during pregnancy and risk your life, as well as that of your baby.  Characterised by high blood pressure that may extend to liver and kidney damages, it can lead to premature deliveries. Temporary loss of vision, signs of excess protein in the urine, breathing issues, and nausea are a few symptoms of this complication, which can be reduced by switching to an organic diet.

Consuming organic food also lowers the chances of giving birth to baby boys with hypospadias.  Children with this disorder have reproductive abnormalities with the meatus located in the wrong position on the penis and an incomplete formation of the foreskin. 

What type of organic food can pregnant women consume? 

Whole grains, meat, poultry, and dairy products, fruits, and vegetables are the organic foods that pregnant women may consume regularly. From organic soups to bread, everything is available online these days. If you are wondering where to buy these products, you can shop now from certified stores in the UK. Go for MHRA-registered organic food stores, if you are planning to buy them online. 

A few tips to buy the best-quality organic food 

Organic foods are more expensive than conventional ones. Sometimes, the costs are too much to bear, especially when you are pregnant. The following tips can help you make the best  purchase without burning a hole in your pocket: 

  • Shortlist a few stores that offer affordable products 
  • Check their certifications to ensure that its affordability does not affect the quality Compare their prices with other stores 
  • Check the list of ingredients on the products you want to buy 
  • See if the store offers discounts 
  • Make a list of products you need to buy 
  • Create a budget for those products 
  • Do not fall for attractive advertisements 
  • Call the store representatives in case of relevant queries 

No matter the expenses, organic foods are quite beneficial for pregnant women. Mothers leave no stone unturned to ensure the health of their babies, and following an organic diet is, no doubt,  a healthy habit. If the prices seem too high, you can choose to buy products that you consume daily over others. In the end, it is all about doing what is best for your child.

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