Jegs Auto Parts Offers Top-Quality Performance

Jegs Auto Parts, a forerunner in the online national retail and distribution of high-performance aftermarket auto parts and accessories, has been bought by funds managed by Greenbriar Equity Partners, a prominent middle market private equity firm.
The funding will be used to expand Jegs Auto Parts’ product line and reach new markets, as well as improve the company’s technological infrastructure. Greenbriar has made its ninth platform investment in the past year with their purchase of Jegs Auto Parts.
Jegs Car Parts is a countrywide online retailer and distributor of aftermarket auto parts and accessories that started as a tiny performance store in 1960. JEGS is a large internet retailer that serves car enthusiasts, with headquarters in the Columbus, Ohio area. More than two million product SKUs from more than 800 suppliers are kept in stock at its website and ultra-modern fulfilment centre.

Ways to Cut Costs

Since the e-commerce market is expanding so rapidly, prices have also increased dramatically. In today’s economic climate, shoppers are constantly on the search for more cost-effective ways to meet their needs. However, with a minimal amount of effort on your part, you may now maximise the utility of your purchases from this store. Our online store offers the most competitive pricing for this brand’s merchandise. So, go ahead and give in to every impulse you’ve ever had.

Top Discount Coupons and Deals Currently Offered

We have displayed the finest deals offered by this online store all year long. You can expect substantial savings by cooperating with us. Get psyched up for Jegs Coupon Code because you won’t find better prices anywhere else. We put a premium on making sure you stay inside your budget constraints without compromising quality. Because of this, we will be making public all coupons and deals offered by the firm.

Future-Planning Growth Companion for the Company

The Coughlin Family, who, over three generations, have grown the Company. Considering that our family has been in charge of Jegs Auto Parts for over 60 years, it was crucial that we locate a growth partner who not only shares our values but also has a vision for the company’s future. We are certain that we have found the right partner in Greenbriar and look forward to maintaining our joint position as significant shareholders. The Coughlins will maintain some stake in Greenbriar.

Prioritize the Betterment of Our Clientele

Jegs Auto Parts’ president expounded on the company’s bright outlook. The future is bright for JEGS, and we can’t wait to collaborate with Greenbriar and their vast network of industry experts to improve our customers’ online experience, add new goods and services, and grow the business through organic means and strategic acquisitions.

the advantages of online shopping’s growing importance

Jegs Auto Parts is a household name in the performance enthusiast market, so they are well-position to benefit from the growing importance of online shopping in the automotive aftermarket, which is why we are so please to be their first institutional partner. We are dedicate to carrying on the Coughlin family’s tradition of cultivating a unique work environment that rewards hard effort and technical expertise.

Advice on Finances

JEGS exclusively used Stifel Financial Corp. for financial guidance, and Ice Miller LLP. for legal counsel. The law firm of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed LLP represented Greenbriar. This agreement was seal in the dead of winter, 2021. Some of the details of the deal were keep under wraps.

Accessories and Parts for High-Performance Vehicles

Established in 1960 with headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, Jegs Vehicle Parts is a frontrunner in the U.S. aftermarket retail and distribution of high-performance auto parts and accessories. The firm’s committed clientele can shop for products and services on its website and at its distribution centres.

Give a High-Quality, Adaptable Service

As a countrywide online shop, Jegs Auto Parts was looking for a quicker and easier method to improve the quality of their website’s content. Using Maker, the JEGS marketing team was able to produce dynamic, high-quality content for usage across all sales channels, including eBay, which has more than a million active SKUS. Jegs has seen an average revenue growth of 90% thanks to its use of Maker to create high-quality marketing content at a fraction of the cost of traditional development and agency fees.

Retails nearly a Million Items Via Its Website

Jegs Auto Parts offers over a million products online, therefore it wasn’t easy for them to update their most crucial pages with new, high-quality material. Furthermore, prior to working with Maker, Jegs’ restricted selection of media-rich sites were not responsive, meaning that customers who reached those pages from a tablet or mobile device were denied access to the site’s superior, value-added content.

Increase Participation and Sales

Maker’s CEO, Jeff Hennion, realised its potential since it enabled the production of more dynamic, interactive content without the normal expenditures on software development or consulting firms. Improve the usefulness of key Jegs Auto Parts pages by populating them with dynamic, modifiable content. With the use of Maker’s pre-made templates and Google Analytics connection, you may increase interaction and click-through rates.

Prioritizing Product Page and Landing Page Efforts

Jegs Auto Parts initially focused on improving the information found on its product pages and homepage. When Maker first started working for JEGS, it took the marketing department only about a month to get him fully operational. With Maker, Jegs launched two versions of their homepage in the first week.

Build and Release Brand-New Merchandise Pages

During the subsequent two months, Jegs Auto Parts updated their e-commerce website and eBay store with a total of 30 pages of premium content, including media-rich and responsive material for important product pages and landing pages. Over the next four months, JEGS used Maker’s straightforward templates to create and publish more than 150 additional product pages for their website.

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Take Advantage of the Lowest Prices of the Year

It’s time to get ready to take advantage of the year’s lowest pricing. Even on a tight budget, you can still get by and acquire the necessities. We have included all active Jegs Auto Parts discounts to assist our loyal customers in saving money while making educated purchases. Now customers may save a tonne of money at the most popular vehicle retailer with minimal effort.

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