John Deere OR Mahindra Tractor: Which one to choose?

Defining best simply by brand and HP is tough, least to say. There are many other factors that play significant roles in deciding the better option, may include customer usage or driving ability. If, for instance, you choose to base your decision upon price, both are usually priced equally; for example, if you search Mahindra 575 di Sarpanch Price 2022 and John Deere 3028EN Price, both are similarly set in the market, but Mahindra comes at 2WD while John Deere at 4WD specification. 

Both the companies are well-respected and have their brand in the agriculture machine industry, competing with each other just like we saw with the Mahindra 575 di Sarpanch Price 2022 and John Deere 3028EN Price.  

Let’s get to know both the companies a little bit more:

Company’s Overview


Mahindra Tractors is an Indian agricultural vehicle manufacturer that is a part of Mahindra & Mahindra. Mahindra overtook Ford as the top-selling tractor brand globally in 2010. India and China have the greatest populations of Mahindra customers but have expanding markets in Australia and North America as well. With a production rate of 150,000 tractors annually, the firm is the biggest tractor producer in India.


John Deere is an essential American industrial and farm equipment producer. Its main headquarters is in Moline, Illinois. The company was launched in 1836 by John Deere, who created one of the first steel ploughs capable of tilling prairie soil in America without clogging. The plough was manufactured and marketed by Deere’s company the following year, which he then incorporated as Deere & Company in 1868. Deere & Company has been led by five generations of the Deere family since its founding.

What is the starting price of Mahindra and John Deere Tractors?

Now that we are aware of the companies, let’s look into the starting point of their product range.


MAHINDRA TRACTORS – Mahindra Tractors offers over 66+ tractor models with an HP range of 15-75 within the Indian market. You can find the starting price of Mahindra Tractors in India at Rs 3.05Lakh.

JOHN DEERE – John Deere offers over 57+ tractor models with an HP range of 28-120 within the Indian market. You can find the starting price of John Deere tractors in India at Rs 5.60Lakh.

What are the warranty policies?

Let’s move on to the warranty policies section of each company.


Mahindra Tractors provide the following warranties over 4 different product categories: 


  • All tractors come with a 3-Year/2000-Hour Extended Engine and Power Train Warranty.
  • This includes all components completely enclosed within the engine’s crankcase, pan, cylinder head, rocker arm cover, timing gear cover, and other related elements.
  • The powertrain includes the clutch assembly but not the transmission, final drives, drive axles, differentials, front axles, power take-off, and clutch housings and components contained therein.


  • A 2-Year/1000-Hour Warranty applies to each loader component.
  • A 1-Year/1000 Warranty applies to all hydraulic parts, buckets and other loader attachments. 


  • A 1-Year/1000-Hour Hour Warranty covers all backhoe components, but ordinary wear and tear items are not covered.


  • All mid-mount mowers come with a 1-Year/500-Hour Warranty. Regularly replaceable service items such as oils, lubricants, coolants, filters, clutch and brake discs, and brake linings are not covered by this warranty, nor are parts covered by the warranties offered by the respective manufacturers. Additionally, the following items are not included: belts, hoses, glass, lightbulbs, upholstery, cab fittings, and air-conditioning components. Additionally excluded is typical wear and tear from exposure to or contact with dangerous substances on materials like plastic, rubber, and exterior finishes.


  • John Deere offers a comprehensive 5-year or 5000 hours warranty on all its tractors, whichever is earlier than the date of its first sale.
  •  John Deere warranty is transferable to the second/ subsequent purchasers, if any, for the remaining duration within the overall warranty period.


In 1998, John Deere started doing business in India. Tractors were initially produced and sold by the company for export in India. John Deere can still operate successfully in India by trading in agricultural machinery and providing related services with a network of 19 local offices, 6 regional offices, and over 900 dealer touch points. Deere exports to more than 110 nations and has 4 training facilities spread over India. Pune serves as the country’s headquarters for John Deere tractors. In addition, the business operates eight locations in India for efficient manufacturing and service delivery.


Mahindra Tractors established a joint venture with International Harvester to make tractors under the Mahindra trademark for the Indian market. M&M created its first tractor, the Mahindra B-275, in 1963. Mahindra Tractors is one of the world’s top producers of tractors, selling over 85,000 units per year. The company also offers financing services to its customers.

Which are the best, John Deere or Mahindra tractors?

Both firms are industry leaders in their own right. Mahindra is the market leader in selling numerous tractors, all of which are in the low horsepower range. In contrast, John Deere is the market leader in giant, high-tech tractors. John Deere expanded in the US market before expanding to the rest of the world. It has created the most up-to-date technologies, from high-reliable products to precision agriculture. As the population continues to rise, agriculture must quickly develop high-tech, precise, innovative, and linked equipment to meet the demands for food and other outputs. 


Through deep research of both the industry-leading firms, it is clear that both have something essential to offer their customers. Whether it is their technologies or affordability, they are competitive in all. Choosing the best one will depend only on your required vehicle. We still hope that we were able to give you a deep understanding of the companies and assist you in making a much more informed decision. 

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