Keep Getting Sick? Check Out These 7 Reasons

Some people get sick a lot, but some of them barely do. Yes, it’s the difference between their lifestyles and their health that causes this. However, flu is a really common disease that everyone gets at least once in their lifetime. We get it during winter mostly because you know, it’s called “cold”. But there are some people who barely spend three weeks without getting sick and their sickness lasts for weeks as well. Now this condition can be really irritating for anyone because they can’t stay okay for long. And if you’re one of those people that keep getting sick, then you need to know the reasons why it’s happening so you could stop this from happening often. 

Bad Diet

If your diet isn’t balanced and good, then you can expect to get sick. And of course, when your body isn’t getting enough nutrients or is getting bad ones, then your body won’t perform its functions properly and you will ultimately get attacked by the germs and bacteria easily. It’s true that when you don’t get enough vitamins, minerals, etc., you get exposed to illnesses. People of different ages require different amounts of these things. But everyone should consider eating lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. And cut down the consumption of sodium, fats, and sugars. A supplement like Balance of Nature give you nutrients that could possibly help your overall health.

Low Water Consumption

All of the organs in your body require water to function properly. And you’re probably not drinking enough water, right? People make this mistake of forgetting to have water or simply ignore it just because they’re sitting down with their phones in their hands. But let me tell you that even if you have a really important meeting with your boss at the office, you can’t miss the water. Take a water bottle with you and keep drinking it after every while. Else, you can get dehydrated, and eventually, you’ll get sick. To know if you’re dehydrated or not, here is a list of symptoms of dehydration:

  • Headache
  • Sunken eyes
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Low BP
  • Extreme Thirst

You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D

Did you know that vitamin D is an extremely necessary vitamin that is needed for helping the immune system work properly? If you didn’t know it already, then you do now, and please, if you’d like to live a life that doesn’t keep giving you diseases, then consider boosting your vitamin D consumption. You can eat mushrooms, egg yolks, fish, etc. to increase your vitamin D intake. Also, you can go and take some sunshine for 10-15 minutes every day because the sun is a good source of vitamin D. Of course, don’t overdo it or you might get skin burns. Once your vitamin D intake is adequate, your body will get a much better system for preventing the sicknesses from attacking you. 

Your Hands Are Dirty When You Eat or Touch Your Face

If you think that you can have a meal without considering to wash your hands properly with soap, then you’re actually welcoming the bacteria to attack your body. Please don’t do this. Your hands touch a lot of things and so, you’re constantly carrying a lot of germs on your hands. And in such a situation, if you eat something with those hands and touch your nose, face, or lips, then the germs will get inside your body and do their thing. 

Make sure that you keep washing your hands after a while so you lower down the risk of catching a disease. For hand washing, buy anti-bacterial soaps that are available in professional-looking soap sleeve packaging boxes made by Dawn Printing rather than in soap wrappers. This soap sleeve packaging shows that the soap is amazing. Wash your hands for 20 seconds every time and save yourself from sicknesses.

Is Your Oral Health Bad?

Do you brush your teeth every day? Do you brush them at night as well? And what about flossing your teeth? You probably do brush your teeth in the morning but there’s a chance that you’re not brushing them at night. If you don’t take care of your oral health, the bacteria can keep building up inside your mouth. Then you can’t do anything about the sickness because it will be caused at all costs. This is why doctors advise us to brush our teeth two times a day: in the morning and before bed. And if you follow this along with flossing your teeth as well, then no bacteria will get you from your mouth. 

Low White Blood Cells

White blood cells are actually the cells of your immune system. They help fight the diseases and threats so your body keeps functioning properly and doesn’t get sick. But it’s not always true that low WBCs is a result of something controllable. It can also be caused by genetics and of course, you can’t control that. Some people bring low WBCs in their genes and thus they are more prone to sicknesses. But there are also people with high WBCs in their genes who don’t need a lot of attention to fight their sicknesses. 


If you’re a person with lots of stress going on in life, then this is probably the reason why you keep getting sick. Why? When you are stressed, the mind starts focusing only on the stress which ultimately lowers down the rest of the functions like the functions of the immune system. Because of this, your body doesn’t properly fight the sickness causing bacteria and viruses that are in your body which ultimately results in your sickness. If you could just take a break from your work and your cell phone, get some alone time with soothing music or whatever song you like the most, and exercise, you can dramatically improve your mood and your stress will lower down. Keep away from stress if you want to be fit and healthy!


Getting to know about the reasons for your sickness is a really responsible thing to do. Now that you know the reasons why you might be getting sick often, you can easily do the opposite of them and live a healthy life ahead.

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