Ketogenic Diet: How Helps For Weight Loss

The keto diet is a different type of food that strictly restrict the use of high carb meals. Usually, the body burns carbohydrates in sugar glucose for energy. But when you don’t eat enough carbs, you go through a stage called ketosis. During ketosis, the body burns fat for fuel instead of glucose. Because this diet among peoples is trendy for fat burning.

Sometimes people do not lose weight by the keto diet. In some case, this is because they are not eating a keto-friendly meal and not go into ketosis. There are several reasons why people are not losing weight by the keto diet. Here we discuss the reasons why people are not losing weight keto diet.

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Reasons For Not Losing Weight On Keto Diet

Some reasons that you need to avoid for weight loss in the keto diet.

  1. Not achieving ketosis

The first reason is that when a person going to weight loss on keto and fail. This is because they can’t reach into ketosis. The common mistake of peoples is they do not cut the carbs from their meals. According to some results on the keto diet, a persons daily intake of carbs are only 5-10% carbs. During the keto diet, you have to cut the carbs 20 to 50% daily.

  1. Eating too much protein

Every low-carb diet allows only a moderate amount of protein for daily intake. People make a mistake to understand the keto diet and other low carb diets. They think high protein and low carb diet is a keto diet. Thus, a wrong type of diet does not cause of ketosis. Because the human body breaks the protein into amino acid into sugar.

  1. Eating too many acceptable carbs

Different types of carbs are acceptable, while keto diets like nuts and dairy products. These type of foods are high in fat and nutrient-dense foods—excellent options on the keto diet.

However, these foods also have carbs. If you still eating this type of foods, it will keep you away from ketosis.

  1. Eating maltitol

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol used a the substitute of sugar. It’s a good option for keto because it has low carbs and provides sweetener in the body.

However, all sugar alcohols are not the same.

Maltitol is not keto-friendly sugar alcohol. It’s a low glycemic index sugar and can affect your blood sugar level. Maltitol is enough to kick you out from ketosis.

  1. Not counting calories

When a person eats more calories than to burn them, he can’t lose his weight. Eating too many calories is not suitable for dieters. People gain weight even they are on a diet because of too many calories.

Some high-fat foods may contain calories, more carbs, and much protein. Therefore, it is essential to keep the calories count to stay on track.

Follow a balanced diet and stay with it may help you to lose weight.

  1. Constant snacking

While following a strict diet but if you are continually snacking. Consuming too many snacks may increase your calorie intake. Snacks may decrease your hunger, but it will quickly destroy all your diet efforts.

  1. Drinking alcohol

Some alcohols are high in carbs like beer and wine. Any strict diet does not allow alcohol consumption. There are some hard alcohols which are low in carbs include gin and vodka. This type of drinks may be acceptable during the keto diet. These are also calorie-dense beverages that may disturb your weight loss process. Alcohols can increase your calorie intake without providing nutrients to your body.

  1. Little to no exercise

Exercise is a good thing to stay healthy. It helps to stimulate the body’s metabolism and burn your calorie. Exercise is an essential part of any diet. People need to eat high-fat foods so that they also need to exercise. So they have to do exercises it may help to burn calories.

  1. High stress

Too much stress is also a significant reason which stops losing weight on the keto diet. Stress changes your hormones level, which leads you to weight gain not to weight loss.

  1. Underlying medical condition

Sometimes it happens that you are doing everything well but still can’t be able to weight loss on the keto diet. An underlying medical condition may cause of weight gain and prevent weight loss. The medicines that a person use during underlying medical condition may increase appetite.

Some conditions may prevent weight loss:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Depression
  • High insulin level
  • Cushing’s syndrome

Keto Diet Help To Loss Weight

Weight loss always a sturdy thing to do. It takes a lot of effort to pull down extra body fats. Many people try the diet and weight loss plans to minimize their weight but eventually failed due to inconsistent behavior and wrong selection of weight loss plans. That is why it is essential to go for the solution which exactly matches your needs and gives you desired results such as Keto fat burner. This product has natural ingredients to support optimum weight loss and a better physique without developing any sabotage.


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