Laparoscopic Surgery Postoperative Pain Management

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Laparoscopic Surgery Pain Treatment Medicine

The pain treatment starts perioperatively with the application of local anesthesia at all four injection sites. 20 minutes before the conclusion of the operation. The patient gives an NSAID in the form of an injection of Toradol 30 mg intravenously. On awakening immediately after arrival, suppository paracetamol 1 gram gives. Lap Trainer Box.

For many reasons use of simulators is an effective choice like Lap Trainer Box .

Postoperative Medicines

Three hours postoperatively, the standard treatment tablet is Ibuprofen 600 mg three to four times daily for four days. If there is a further need for analgesic treatment, tablet paracetamol gives 1-gram, and in case of severe pain tablet Morfin gives 30 mg (equivalent to 10 mg morphine intramuscularly).

Pain Management

Most patients describe their pain as mild to moderate, but in some cases, they have severe pain. Here we need to pay extra attention to whether it can be a complication. The complications in most cases show up already on awakening. Patients are sweating, very restless and often impossible to cover pain.

  • It is crucial that patients understand pain management. For this there are simple rules.
  • Pain medication takes at regular intervals.
  • The patient must know the correct dosage and duration of action on the medicine.
  • If the patient has pain in addition to the regular pain treatment, morphine supplements.
  • If patients have nausea, we immediately inject Zofran 4 mg intravenously, which repeats.

As part of the projects, patients’ pain, nausea, and fatigue registers. At home, patients to fill out a form every week at 8pm for a week.

They should start by filling out the form the day before the surgery. From the day of surgery, they look back over the day and describe average pain in the wounds, abdomen, and shoulders on a VAS scale (0-100) and a verbal scale (none, mild, moderate, or severe). In addition, they describe fatigue on a scale of 1-10, nausea (none, mild, moderate, or severe), number of vomiting, consumption of pain medication in addition to standard treatment, and when they have resumed work and hobbies.

Pain Treatment at Injection Sites

The pain treatment starts with local anesthesia at all four injection sites

If they have not resumed work and leisure activities as recommended, please write whether it is due to pain, fatigue, wound problems, own doctor’s advice, planned sick leave, weekend, holiday or other (justifies). It is important that we find out the cause, as it forms the basis for new studies, so that we can constantly improve the course for the benefit of the patients. During their internship in laparoscopic technique, many of them have not received real-world training with simulator Lap Trainer Box.

After a week, the patients contact by telephone to find out if there are or have been any problems, and after a month they sends a form asking if they have been satisfied with the operation, the anesthesia, if they have any complications, hospitalizes, contacts with the emergency room, own doctor, or emergency doctor. In addition, we ask if they would recommend the surgery to others and if they have felt prematurely discharged.

Pain And Fatigue Resulted in Absence

In the period November 1997 to June 1999, 150 patients include in the pain study and from October 1997-June 1999, 200 patients include in the convalescence study.

Variations In Pain Intensity Postoperative

There were significant individual variations in pain intensity throughout the first postoperative week. Wound pain was predominant over deep abdominal pain, which in turn dominated over shoulder pain.

In terms of absence from work and most frequent leisure or regular activity, the value that differed was the lowest 50 per cent. from a maximum of 50 per cent. (median) 4 days (2-7 days). Non-employed (n = 90) had absence at the most frequent leisure or regular activity of 2 days (1-4 days).

For the economically active, the total absence from work was seven days (4-13 days). Satisfaction four weeks after surgery.


In this study, we sought satisfaction with anesthesia. Recommendations for laparoscopic surgery to friends / acquaintances and whether they discharge too soon. Overall, the patient was very happy. And less than 10% need emergency care, emergency room or readmission.

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