Learn Some Different Residential Cleaning Tips

Everyone wants a clutter-free, clean and tidy home. Cleaning the home is a crucial and challenging task. So, how can we efficiently do that? For that, you may need to know practical cleaning tips. So, here you can learn some different residential cleaning tips.

How to Effectively Clean Your Home?

Here are some fast home cleaning tips for you.

Clean the Entire Home, And Not Just Selective Rooms

Cleaning is effective if you choose one task at a time, like vacuuming, mopping, or dusting, and perform it in the entire space. However, if you choose to clean the kitchen first, rooms, and bathrooms, you may get exhausted and get caught in an endless cleaning cycle.

Collect Your Cleaning Tools in a Container 

You may have a bucket or container to keep all cleaning tools and supplies. The practice will help keep everything in a single portable space, making it relatively easier to perform your cleaning job. You will save time looking for tools while cleaning and doing an efficient task. 

Organize Things 

Before you begin cleaning, you should clear the clutter and organize things to find it easy to clean the space. 

Dusting and Vacuuming 

Before dusting your home, make sure your ceiling fans are switched off. You should focus on dusting the furniture, shelves, handrails, wall hangings, tables, and screens. You may use a microfiber to clean hard-to-access surfaces. Also, it is good to change bedsheets before you vacuum the bedroom. 

Clean Mirrors and Glass Surfaces 

You may use a wet microfiber cloth and a dry cloth to wipe clean all mirrors and glass surfaces in your home. 

Sanitize Surfaces 

Use a disinfectant to clean your home and wipe clean hard surfaces like countertops, tables, appliances, and cabinets. You should mainly disinfect commonly touched surfaces that transfer germs to others. It is imperative in these pandemic times. If you want to use a home-based disinfectant solution, you may mix water and vinegar (2:1 ratio). It is one of the valuable HVAC vent cleaning tips

Clean Tubs, Sinks, and Bathrooms 

Tubs sink, and washrooms have stubborn watermarks. For that, you may use spray cleaners and let them sit for some minutes to help dissolve stains. After that, you may scrub it. Microwave cleaning is also necessary. In the kitchen, the garbage container must not bother your peace. So, you should learn some helpful garbage disposal techniques also. 

Sweep and Mop

Sweeping and mopping tile floors is a practical cleaning tip. You may wipe from the farthest room corner and move towards the doorway. Rinse the mop often. 

Move as your Vacuum 

Vacuuming thoroughly is the key to a sparkling clean home. You should try to clean every nook and corner as you vacuum. For that, you should keep moving around your home and make sure everything is clean. 

Some cleaning tasks are occasional, like furniture waxing, window cleaning, and washing mats and rugs. You should wash it as per your requirement. 

Regularly Wash Your Cleaning Tools 

A majority of people tend to skip maintenance of their cleaning tools. However, you must thoroughly clean a dirty mop or vacuum cleaner after every use. 

Collectively Clean Your Home 

Cleaning can be a group activity, saving time and improving task efficiency. Involve your family members, and assign different tasks to each member. Working together will add enjoyment to the activity and make your home sparkling clean. 

Microwave Your Cleaning Cloths and Sponges

Another excellent cleaning tip is to make sure that the tools you use are clean. Reusing dirty clothes or sponges will contaminate your home and waste your cleaning effort. For this, you should wet the items and microwave them for 30 seconds to help remove any bacteria or germs. Another way is to wash these items in a washing machine or dishwasher. Clean these items after every use, as it will help stop the build-up of germs. Otherwise, it would be best to replace sponges for effective cleaning frequently.

Denture Tablets Can Help Clean Your Coffee or Teapot

Did you know that denture cleaning tablets can effectively clean hard-to-reach surfaces like coffee mugs, teapot, ceramic, or other metal items? You need to soak the tablets in water and use a toothbrush to scrub the stubborn stains and unwanted residue. It has remarkable antibacterial properties that can support your cleaning efforts. And if you are unsure of how to clean your HVAC system of filth and contaminants, you may hire HVAC Cleaning Alpharetta

Use Dryer Sheets to Wipe Clean Your Baseboards

Dryer sheets can effectively clean the house, even if you have used them several times. So, when you use a dryer sheet to wipe clean your baseboards, it will help fend off dust while leaving a pleasant fragrance in your home. You may also use a dryer sheet to clean the dust on curtains, blinds, mirrors, fixtures, and fittings.

Squeegee Can Help Remove Pet Dander from Carpets

If you have children and pets around, you are aware of the struggle to clean the home. So, it is challenging to remove unwanted hair or pet dander from carpets, blankets, and furniture. However, a majority of the time, vacuuming is not practical. In this case, you may use a reliable bathroom squeegee to dust off your carpets, rugs, and blankets. Else, squeegees are flexible in shape, they can remove dust from your room corners.

Coca Cola is an Ideal Cleaning Solution

Coca-Cola can help remove tough stains which may otherwise be difficult to wipe off. It is widely used for various residential cleaning purposes as it helps remove rust, dust, and stains. The phosphoric and carbonic acid elements make it an ideal cleaning solution. However, people use it to clean toilet bowls and tile floors. Moreover, if you want a professional touch, you may use a scrubber to clean the surfaces. So, now you don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive cleaning solutions. 

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