Lifestyle Changes For Healthy Hair Crown

Our hair is the living crown that we carry around all the time. Putting on a hairstyle that suits your personality makes you look decent and groomed when you are out there meeting people, gathering in social meetings, or simply going to the office. However, a good hairstyle cannot be done if your hair health is not at its best and that is why it becomes a necessity for an individual to put extra focus on that as well.

You don’t want to step out in those perfectly fitting clothes, with a matching belt and shoes while your hair looks out of place in those DIY hair scrunchie that will instantly pull down your looks. Making your shift towards chemical-based products can put them in severe damage while heading for the salon now and then is enough to put a hole in your pocket. The better way to get things started is by looking at the methods that you can inculcate at home in your lifestyle. Let’s read on to know more about the same:

Bring healthy dietary changes:


we all want to have those shiny, strong, long, and healthy tresses but not everyone is doing the efforts it takes to maintain one. With the right dietary inclusions, you will be fueling your hair with essential vitamins and minerals that will ensure that the hair growth is strong. Food items that you should focus on introducing are eggs, citrus fruits such as oranges, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, whole grains, flaxseeds, carrot, walnuts, avocado, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, peanut or peanut butter, sweet potato, and pumpkin.


  1. Keep yourself more hydrated: another healthy habit that you should focus on where people lack is drinking more water than you have been doing daily. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure your hair stays healthy and shiny as well as allow your hair roots to grow stronger.This will ensure that you are not facing any breakage since water is providing the essential nutrients to them. Additionally, the growth rate of tresses improves significantly once you start drinking a good amount of water. You can experiment to make things interesting such as detox water, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, detox or herbal teas so that your body is getting an adequate amount of water in multiple ways.
  2. No room for stress: now that you have included so many healthy habits, it is time to kick out the bad ones as well. Saying goodbye to stress is one major plus point you can have for your healthy and strong hair.This is because the root cause behind weak and dull hair is stress so it is better that you start relaxing so that you can provide the right pamper to your hair. Just put in all the right actions and never look at the hair volume or length you need to have. This will show good signs the same way it can be seen on your skin as well. So this is your sign to remove the stress out of your life as much as possible.
  3. Provide your hair with essential protein: your hair needs lots of protein to put itself in a healthy state and promote natural growth. The first method you want to try for giving your hair the protein treatment is to include protein-rich food in your diet.Few protein-packed food items are yogurt, banana, and eggs. You can also choose to apply protein-rich food once a week. This is a good move to add more protein to your daily food and some of the good options for you here will be eggs, nuts, paneer, whole grains, lentils, and fish.
  4. Braid your hair: once you are done with a heatless hair curler set you can just like your usual routine that you follow to keep your skin healthy. The same way you can start braiding hair at night, the reason behind that is the benefits that braiding your hair carries.This will help you to make your tresses look healthy and happy that will show everyone that you do invest time in health care. This way while you are sleeping, your hair won’t come out slipping and left loose. That is why you need to braid your hair to prevent them from any hair breakage. Braiding is also essential for your hair strands to retain their moisture and this way your hair will stay put in a more manageable way and no tangling would be there.
  5. Tie your hair loose: coming from the previous point, we all know that tying your hair in a braid, ponytail, or a tight bun can also put pressure on your hair roots, and hence damage will be there in hair follicles. Make sure your hair isn’t tied in a bun or braid either too tight or for too long. So give your hair some open time as well where they can remain loose and relax for some time.

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