Looking to Feel Comfortable this Summer? 5 Ways

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The hot season is primarily uncomfortable due to the extremely high temperatures. And dressing in hot sunny months can be challenging, especially if you want to feel confident but also comfortable. Fortunately, with the right attires, you can still enjoy summer outdoors. Below are some dress codes that enhance your comfort during summer to ensure you feel relaxed.

Wear Light-Colored Clothing


It would be best if you wore light-colored shirts, pants, and dresses as they reflect away heat, consequently cooling your body. For instance, white colored clothes reflect the sunlight and don’t get too hot. Avoid dark clothing that absorbs sunlight and turns it into heat, causing unbearable temperatures. In addition, ensure the clothes are short-sleeved. If you want to be modest, for instance, when going to the office, avoid multiple layers of clothes. Layering gives you more clothes to deal with during the day and doesn’t keep you cool. Consider purchasing a white floppy cap to limit sun exposure on your face. It’s vital to mention that the sun’s UV rays penetrate white and light fabrics easily; thus, apply sunscreen on your body before dressing up.

Rely on Dresses


These outfits are not only designed for special occasions only but also to maintain a favorable environment during hot months. Linen clothing for women is perfect because it allows more airflow compared to other garments. It makes you feel the breeze on sunny days, which is very pleasant. In addition, they allow for movement and breathability, which is essential in a humid climate. You can choose mini or maxi dresses. However, selecting a longer dress would be better as it offers protection from UV exposure since most body parts are covered. For those who are pregnant, they can look into maternity dresses for a photoshoot and wear them after as a daily outfit. It also protects from cumbersome bugs that leave itchy patches on your body. When wearing a mini dress, apply sunscreen on the exposed parts to prevent skin damage due to sun exposure.

Choose Comfortable Breathable Shoes


Some individuals suffer from swollen and sweaty feet during the hot season. These problems are preventable by putting on shoes that are not constraining. It would help to select footwear with soles made of breathable materials like canvas. In addition, ensure they are correctly fitting, so you don’t get blisters. If you have to wear closed shoes, it’s good to put on socks to prevent rubbing your feet on the shoes. However, putting on open shoes like sandals is vital to ensure your feet have enough room to breathe. To guarantee a more stylish look, opt for leather sandals. They are more elegant for the beach compared to typical flip-flops. Moreover, sandals go well with just everything, so you won’t struggle with what to wear.

Minimize Accessories


Many bangles and necklaces stick to your body during hot weather, causing discomfort. Too much heat increases the rate of sweating which can damage your jewelry. Consider one set of accessories like earrings to enhance your beauty. However, some accessories help protect you against extreme sun rays, for instance, sunglasses. They protect your eyes from excess light and make you appear stylish. There are numerous designs of shades to choose from. However, for a trendy look, try the sunglasses with circular lenses. They can be slightly oversized, with black frames if it suits your style. Another accessory to consider is a clutch bag. Leave the large handbags at home and lighten your load with this classic bag. It’s a small size that neatly fits on one hand or can be tucked under the arm. You can also strap it using a chain to keep your hands free.

Avoid Tight Clothing


Wearing these attires during hot days can be highly uncomfortable. They adversely affect your skin due to prolonged contact of your garment with the body. Sweating speeds up the growth of bacterial and fungal microorganisms, which leads to infections. In addition, tight attires reduce blood circulation. Blood vessels dilate during summer to allow excess heat to escape through the dermis. Make a point of putting on loose clothes so that blood flows freely. Additionally, they ensure that the dermis breathes effortlessly. The loose attires should be made using cotton. This is an excellent choice because it can absorb sweat and prevent body odor. Furthermore, it is lightweight, doesn’t feel heavy, and aids air circulation.


Following the above modes of dressing will maximize comfort. Consequently, you’ll have a relaxing and enjoyable summer season.

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