Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Dishwasher

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Commercial dishwashers are used in restaurants that are mostly packed with customers. The reason is that a commercial dishwasher can clean the dishes thoroughly. 

Below are some suggestions that will help you maintain your commercial dishwasher:

Maintenance Tips

  1. Remove the food remains from the dishes
  2. Daily wash
  3. Filter and water change
  4. Be gentle
  5. Prevent the bacteria from thriving
  6. Level check
  7. Water temperature

Remove the Food Remains From the Dishes

Your commercial dishwasher will have a long life if you don’t directly shove the dishes inside. Before feeding the dishes to the dishwasher, you must remove and scrape off as much food as possible. It may seem intimidating at the time, but you will see the results. You can do the scraping as soon as the customers return the dishes. 

Daily Wash 

Restaurants can become very busy, but you need to take time out at the end of the day to wash your commercial dishwasher. The reason you should clean your dishwasher every day is to remove any leftover food solids and unwanted buildup. 

A foul-smelling dishwasher means the filter is dirty. Dishwashers that smell bad indicate a serious issue of a blocked drain due to the food particles in the drainpipe. If you don’t clean it, your dishes will likely remain unsanitized. Therefore, you require to wash a commercial dishwasher thoroughly. 

To prevent buildup and foul smell, wash up the dishwasher’s dish holders, baskets, and walls. You can also scrub the inside of the dishwasher with a sponge. Ascertain to sock the parts of your commercial dishwasher in lemon and vinegar solution. Then rinse off. This thorough rinsing should be done at least once weekly to keep the dishwasher sparkling clean.

Filter and Water Change

When there is a requirement to change the filter of your commercial dishwasher, change it. Don’t delay. Read the instructions manual that came with your dishwasher for more details. When you replace the filter, reinstate the water with clean water. Consistent water changes will give the dishwasher a long life and the most excellent performance.

Be Gentle

Restaurant workers often irresponsibly slam the washer’s hood door or throw the dishes inside and yank the door again. Sometimes, the tray is inserted inside with a lot of force. These actions can cause serious internal damage and can cause you to end up with damaged locks.

Prevent the Bacteria From Thriving

Bacteria can easily sprout inside your commercial dishwasher if you don’t clean it regularly. To prevent this, try to leave the hood door slightly open after using your commercial dishwasher. By this, the dishwasher will cool down and prevent the bacteria from flourishing inside. This means you are allowing your commercial dishwasher to air dry. 

You can leave the door open overnight when the restaurant is closed. Allowing your commercial dishwasher to airdry daily will diminish the buildup of moisture. When there is less moisture, the chances of bacteria developing inside will be negligible.  

Level check

Keeping a regular check on salt levels will increase the life of the internal motor. If the salt levels of your commercial dishwasher fluctuate constantly, the motor can deteriorate over time. Moreover, you also need to monitor the amount of detergent and sanitizer you put in before running the dishwasher. 

Make sure the detergent is enough to wash all the dishes. You need to train your team to be habitual in checking these levels before every wash. 

Water Temperature

Using the right temperature for your dishes will ensure that all your dishes are washed and sanitized properly. Sometimes the dishwasher can heat up if the temperature is too high. Dishes can get ruined, and the life of your dishwasher will reduce. 

To certify the correct temperature, make use of waterproof thermometer strips. They are easy to read and use. Using the temperature regulator, you can regulate the temperature according to the requirements of your dishwasher. When purchasing restaurant supplies, keep your eyes open for a high-quality commercial dishwasher with a temperature regulator.


Hence, if you are not habitual in maintaining your commercial dishwasher, you will not be able to utilize it to its full capacity. After some time, it will need maintenance. Clean it with the detergent the manufacturer has recommended, and it will be with you for years. 

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