Businesses Grow Technique | Major Applications Of Virtual Numbers

Whether you run a small business or an online store offering customers, a fast way to contact you will help you grow your business. Most companies now work online, and customers need multiple ways to reach out. Usually, businesses think that having a landline number is quite enough. However, the traditional landlines are insufficient for managing business and customer calls. This is where a virtual number app can help and provide your business with certain benefits.

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-based numbers that enable businesses to reach without a traditional phone system. These numbers can be used to make or receive calls over the internet, providing businesses with more versatility when connecting with their customers.

It provides you with the following benefits over the traditional land and mobile phone numbers.

  • You can use it on your phone with mobile apps, laptops, desk phones, and other devices.
  • Call routing, waiting, ringtones, business hours can all be handled via the app.
  • Voice messages, text messaging, call to email transcription, and cheaper local/international phone calls are just the cherry on top.

So let’s take a look at some of the five major apps using the virtual numbers:

  1. RingCentral 

RingCentral is a virtual phone number solution that offers collaboration solutions for businesses. It allows the use of virtual phone services without any hardware implementation.

These are the following features of RingCentral:

  • It provides unlimited VoIP and conference calls.
  • It provides a virtual toll-free number.
  • It allows us to personalise the caller ids.
  • It is simple and easy to set up.
  1. Knowlarity 

Knowlarity is the preferred cloud communication platform to suit business needs. They offer virtual business numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers for different regions, which can be used. Knowlarity integrates all essential features in one package with call forwarding, voice mail, business texting, business VoIP and WiFi calling, automated greeting, and more. Their prices start from Rs 1600 per month for up to 10 users. The plan is reasonable for all the startups and small businesses willing to use virtual number services. Companies can set up toll-free, mobile, or India business numbers in minutes. Every India virtual number from Knowlarity includes VoIP business features at no extra cost; all managed from an easy online interface. So Knowlarity’s products promote mobile usage by automating business communication for a quick and smooth customer experience from anywhere in the world.

  1. Grasshopper  

Grasshopper is the best flexible virtual phone system for small businesses. It comes with all the basic features such as call forwarding, routing, voicemail, email transcripts, and much more. It also provides virtual business numbers and toll-free numbers and is perfect for teams working remotely since you can add extensions that can be used from anywhere. Their plans start from $26 per month for 1 number and three extensions.

  1. Nextiva

Nextiva is a virtual phone number system. It allows you to start audio and video conferencing with just one mouse click. This application offers a local toll-free number. Nextiva allows you to start an audio and video conference with just one click of a mouse. This app also provides a free local number. Nextiva easily lets you receive SMS and text messages from your mobile app.

  1. Exotel

Exotel is a virtual number application that provides both call recording and forwarding. It detects phone patterns by volume to avoid missing any call. It provides a seamless feel every time they drive you using IVR Number. It provides a seamless feel every time they drive you using IVR.

So these are some cost-efficient and reliable virtual phone number applications that can be

used for startup businesses. It supports organisations in various sectors to enjoy the peak performance of virtual phone services. As discussed, Knowlarity and RingCentral offer great plans at reasonable rates that can be used for businesses working remotely. They offer many powerful features and high-quality customer support.

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