digital Marketing strategy for Jewelry Businesses

Digital Marketing strategy for Jewelry Businesses

Waiting for the customer through your newspaper that you posted a few days ago. You waited a lot but many customers haven’t arrived as you expected. Also haven’t got the data of how many people see your ad in the newspaper. You haven’t and will not get the data to measure your success or failure rate. So it’s time to work on a digital marketing strategy for jewelry businesses to get effective results. However, choosing a digital marketing agency in las vegas can help you grow your business more effectively. 

Here are some best practices that you can apply

Understand Your Audience

Jewelry is a luxury item, so not everyone can afford it. So if you want to increase the sales of your jewelry business, you do not need 1000 or lakhs of customers. Only 100 genuine customers can achieve high success in the jewelry business. So the first step of the marketing strategy for your jewelry business is to filter those 100 users with some quality. Build a buyer persona for your jewelry business before investing in any marking platform.

Work on Your Website

Users visiting your website should not be disappointed while taking any action on your website. Whether they want to contact you, see pictures, learn more about products, etc. It is not necessary to have an eCommerce website for the jewelry business, but any website needs to be easy to navigate. To make your website more useful for users, you can add a Live Chat or WhatsApp Us button, contact form on each page, CTA for quick action, etc.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engine

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy for jewelry businesses because many interested users make queries related to jewelry that can directly benefit your business every day. If you haven’t optimized your website yet, then you are losing a bunch of free customers. 

Few Tips on How to Optimize Website for Search Engines

  1. Check website speed on Google page speed insight(Must be above 90).
  2. Optimize content and HTML tags
  3. Add relevant keywords and their synonyms in content and headings
  4. Check Google Search Console regularly for errors
  5. Keep your content fresh and plagiarism free
  6. Keep an eye on Google Analytics

Optimize or Create Google My Business(GMB) Profile

There are many people in search of jewelry stores near or far away from your jewelry store. So Google prioritizes local results whenever people type a query with words like “Near Me” or “City Name.” Plus, people who ask questions with words like “Near Me” or “City Name” are ten times more interested in buying a product than those who visit your website.

Few Tips on How to Optimize Google My Business(GMB) 

Turn Visitors into Customers with Email Marketing

As per Forbes, email marketing is the most effective strategy to grow your business(Source). Email marketing is effective if it’s done in the right way. Buying a list of 1000 subscribers is a huge waste of money and time as non-subscribed emails are mostly in junk or spam folders. Instead, get your visitors’ data by providing some exciting offers or something different and retarget them to get them into your sales funnel. 

Attract New Customers Through Your Blogs

Blogging is extremely important for any business that relies on an online platform. It helps in attracting new customers who are not your buyers but maybe in the future. For example, some are searching for “how to identify a real gold ring,” which means he is very close to buying a gold ring. So here is a golden opportunity for your jewelry business to promote your business and educate them.

Use Social Media To Drive More Sales

Social media is an easy way of digital marketing for jewelers. You can build and grow your fan base by regularly posting effective pictures on your social media accounts. Although posting images regularly on social media is not enough, you also need to engage users by replying to their comments or messages.

At the start of your jewelry business, we suggest you go for social media paid campaigns because organic reach on social media is dead. However, social media ads are one of the cheapest platforms for advertising. You can reach thousands of new users on social media just by spending a few bucks.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising

PPC is an effective marketing strategy for jewelry businesses. Pay-per-click allows you to attract customers who have decided to buy jewelry. It is expensive than social media ads, but the retention rate is also higher on PPC ads. 

Will show your ad every time a user searches for a mine you bid on, but it will cost you only when they click on your ad. Also, with tracking codes, you can retarget users who clicked on your product ad but haven’t purchased it yet. Finally, since people take time to make decisions, they shouldn’t forget about your brand when they’re not on your website.

Bring in transparency Among Your Customers.

Before buying any luxury product, every customer thinks many times. 

Your Customer May be Worried About-

  1. Will my jewelry deliver on time?
  2. What is the guarantee of the product?
  3. What is if my jewelry isn’t as per my expectation?

There are many worries that your customer may have. That’s why transparency is a must in luxury brand marketing strategy.

Ways to Bring More Transparency among your Customers

  1. Order tracking page on website or app
  2. Order status notification through Email or SMS
  3. Refund and Return Policies

Get Effective results from Jewelry marketing with TriangleClick Digital Marketing Agency.

Here we have shared some best digital marketing strategies for the jewelry business. If you are still unsure which strategy for your jewelry business will bring effective results? So let us help you. Although marketing ideas are not enough, you also need expert knowledge to make these ideas successful. Whether SEO or managing social media ads, all need the necessary expertise of knowledge and years of experience to bring effective results. As TriangleClick is a specialist digital marketing company, we ensure you effective results. So whether you want to increase your website traffic with SEO or need a complete internet marketing solution, we are here to help you.

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