5 Best Medical Apps For Doctors Available For Free

Practicing medicine is one of the most respected professions, and many youngsters attend medical colleges after their schools to fulfill their dreams to become a doctor. A doctor’s job involves a lot of responsibilities like patient management, staying updated with the latest advancements, etc. 

In recent years, medical apps for doctors have increased, helping them manage their jobs more efficiently. Due to the effects of the pandemic, patients are also using telemedicine more than ever. In this article, we discuss the five best apps designed for doctors

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor App

In the field of telemarketing, Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor App is the most prominent name. The reasons why doctors use it the most are as follows.

  • An improved teleconsulting experience is the most significant feature of Bajaj Finserv. Consultations can be done easily on video and audio calls, and doctors can also generate and share prescriptions with their patients quickly.
  • Faster access to medical reports of the patients is another big reason behind its widespread use.
  • Sending out important updates to patients via WhatsApp and email is easier, which improves the doctors’ credibility.
  • Billing can also be created without much effort.

Practo Pro

Practo Pro is another of the most popular apps for doctors in India that helps doctors manage patient appointments. It also allows professionals to handle other tasks quite easily.

One of the beneficial features of Practo is its Ray management system. Other features include:

  •     Automated patient appointments
  •     Instant billing
  •     Appointment schedule management
  •     Health information and profiles of patients
  •     Creation and sharing of EMRs (electronic medical records)
  •     Sending appointment reminders or confirmation emails to patients
  •     Offline access
  •     Data synchronization 


Lybrate for Doctors is another highly suitable app that currently has thousands of users. The benefits of this application are as follows.

  • Doctors can manage their practice more quickly.
  • This app is also suitable to improve their credibility.
  • Doctors can also access the GoodMD social networking platform, which can help them connect with patients around the globe, thereby expanding the scope of practice.
  • Based on the requirements, doctors can choose from usually priced or free plans.
  • Lybrate has a customizable page where you can post your achievements and build trust with your patients.
  • In addition, you can also look at the records of the patients before they come to your clinic. 


If you are a doctor and want to communicate with other doctors and manage appointments with patients effectively, Curofy can be your option. It is an innovative telemedicine mobile app exclusively developed for doctors. Curofy is a medical director networking application, which doctors can use for the following purposes.

  •     They can consult other medical professionals.
  •     Coordinating with others can be easy.
  •     Doctors can also collaborate on specific clinical cases.
  •     It is a helpful app that helps doctors manage patient appointments.
  •   In addition, users can be aware of the latest medical updates and access the latest issued medical journals, job openings, and medical guidelines.


Another top-rated medical app, Epocrates, is used by doctors across the globe. One of the most significant features of Epocrates is its drug-referencing tool, which doctors can use to prescribe medicines to patients. 

Like DailyRounds, Epocrates also has a vast database of drugs, where the users can search for drugs using their brand names, generic names, and any other specifications. This app also has other valuable features, which include:

  •     Interaction check,
  •     Quick reference guides on drug information on various topics,
  •     Dosing calculators, etc. 

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Why is Bajaj Finserv Health the best?

While Practo and Lybrate are famous for their easy patient management system, Bajaj Finserv Health offers a variety of benefits to medical professionals.

  • The most significant feature is its pricing. A free trial is available for 3 years with no hidden costs.
  • It also offers the benefit of an EMI card designed exclusively for doctors.
  • Other benefits include easy access to patient information, end-to-end data security, etc.

For a better understanding, download their app today.


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