Medical Marijuana: Infammatory Bowel Disease and Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), including Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, have increased in incidence recently, affecting millions of people worldwide. Patients diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) experience abdominal pains and the need for frequent bowel movements because of inflammation in the digestive system.

Pharmacological interventions and medication, including dietary restriction, are use to manage IBS symptoms, but they do not work for everyone. Hence, the search for a better treatment regime has been on the agenda of many scientific research and studies.

Medical Marijuana is showing positive responses in many patients; hence it is being explore as an alternative choice to managing symptoms of IBD. Scientists have identified one Cannabis strain, Cannabis sativa, containing beneficial cannabinoids that can effectively treat symptoms associated with IBD.

However, the success of the treatment depends on the frequency and root of administration of the Cannabis strain, which has to be determined by an experienced Cannabis specialist. The administration of Cannabis to manage IBD has to be conducted under the supervision of physicians, and any patient that wants to add Cannabis to their IBD treatment regime must see an experienced physician Get Marijuana naples near me.

My Florida Green is one of the oldest and most trusted Marijuana centers in Florida, it has branches in many cities that are giving premium services to new qualified patients. They have a large network of state-licensed doctors that have years of experience in administering Medical Marijuana to patients who need them. You can complete the intake form on the website and one of their patient advocates will call you for the next steps.

Ulcerative Colitis mainly causes issues in the colon and the large intestine, whereas Crohn’s disease can affect any part of the person’s digestive system.

How does Medical Marijuana manage symptoms of IBD?

Cannabis can induce medicinal effects and reduce inflammation in the body because of its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is an integral system of our body. It is the key enabler that allows our bodies to regulate mood, improve pain, appetite, gastrointestinal (GI) motility, and emotions, and reduce stress.

It is a complex combination of endocannabinoids that stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in the body, which are spread across the body, including. The Gastrointestinal tract, brain, muscles, and fat (adipose tissue). When a person consumes Cannabis, the active components of Marijuana, such as THC or CBD, fit into. The receptors and trigger reactions by acting on the neurotransmitter. This action of Cannabis is crucial because research suggests. That the ECS has an important relationship to the pathology of IBD; therefore there is a growing interest in Marijuana for managing symptoms of IBD.

In addition to managing the symptoms, Cannabis also helps patients in improving. The overall quality of patient’s life by reducing pain, and improving sleep, appetite, and mood. However, you can only add Cannabis to IBD treatment once you have a Medical Marijuana Card.

Steps to getting a Medical Marijuana in Florida

  • Physician Evaluation with a qualified physician

A physician consultation is the first step in registering for a Marijuana card. Only an experienced physician can start the application process. Asides from assessing your health needs, the experienced physician needs to ensure every patient understands. The positives and negatives of the Marijuana treatment and the past experience of patients Marijuana card st petersburg.

Once you qualify to receive Medical Marijuana treatment. The physician will register and initiate your interest online with the registration body. The physician will need a couple of information from you and some documents, like your residence permit, passport photo, and driver’s license to complete the registration.

Receiving the Marijuana Card

After you have completed the registration, uploaded all documents, and completed the payment. The approval email will indicate if your application was approve or not. Once you receive the email, you are legally approve to add Cannabis to your treatment. Even if your card will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

The physicians in My Florida Green create a bespoke prescription after carefully examining every patient. They start patients on a small dose of the most suited. Cannabis strain, dosage, and frequency and, after careful monitoring, can reduce or increase the dose. The type of strain, strength, and administration route is decide after the physician’s initial assessment.

My Florida Green has the largest network of physicians. That ensure that their qualified clients get the card without any delay to allow. Patients to buy the appropriate Marijuana product from licensed dispensaries in Florida.

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