Men & Women CBD consumption

Men & Women Spend Their Money Differently On Cannabis Products

The Headset firm collected information provided by participants in customer loyalty programs and in this way determined recent consumer trends by gender. Learn more in this article.

The legal cannabis market is conquering more and more consumers made up of a fairly heterogeneous public, although with a greater presence of men, women also constitute a significant portion (33.6% as of February 2021) with marked differences between each gender when making their purchases.

Based on consumer trends, shoppers are more likely to purchase products other than flowers compared to their male counterparts. While both men and women spend most of the money planned for these products on flowers, the female group spends proportionally less on them, based on demographic information, including age and gender, provided by participants in loyalty programs. from clients and compiled by Seattle-based cannabis testing firm Headset.

They estimate that the difference in money that women do not spend on flowers is allocated to other cannabis products, such as groceries, an area in constant growth and with greater demand from women who also surpassed men in purchasing beverages. capsules, tinctures, topical solutions and, in some states, vaporizers.

While male consumers, as in the flower category, lead the acquisition of pre-rolls and concentrates.

Daughter of famous Mexican presenter uses cannabis to treat her anxiety

This is Camila Araiza, a young influencer who suffered anxiety attacks during the pandemic and found improvement when using CBD.

Camila Araiza CBD for anxiety

Camila, daughter of the famous Mexican television presenter Raúl Araiza, confessed about consuming cannabis. Through her social networks, she told her followers that she used cannabis to treat the anxiety. She claimed that the root cause of the anxiety was the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 24-year-old is an influencer for her constant activity on her Instagram account. She posts her travels, lifestyle, and hobbies. In one of her posts, Camila spoke about the anxiety episodes she suffered in recent months.

Specialist recommended CBD

Most Camila followers call her Mila, out of love. In the beginning of Pandemic, Camila spoke with her more than 95 thousand followers. She told them about her panic and anxiety attacks. She began to suffer due to confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is the worst thing that exists, you feel that you are going to die and there are different symptoms,” she explained on the digital platform.

That situation led her to seek professional help. In that process, she says, a specialist recommended a cannabis treatment, in particular, CBD oil (cannabidiol). Since CBD is a non-psychoactive substance present in the cannabis plant.

Regarding her experience, this weekend Camila Araiza published a series of clips on her Instagram stories. She tells her reaction to CBD in her stories after receiving a large number of questions from the audience. Camila decided to publish a video on your profile to speak more extensively about the topic. She also responded to all her followers.

In his speech, Araiza said that he had tried marijuana a while ago, but this time it is different, as he clarified that CBD, because CBD is not psychoactive, is not a drug, but rather has therapeutic effects and in this process helps to release stress and anxiety. Currently, she claims to feel better. She shares her story to help other young people who are going through a similar situation.


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