Men's Fall Fashion Trends You Should Know

Men’s Fall Fashion Trends You Should Know

It’s time to get ready for some fun and wear the best clothes. If you live in a city that’s under a rain spell, you must consider trench coats. They make the best layer in this chilly, rainy season. From where to buy the latest trench coats to what to wear this fall, this post talks about everything a well-dressed man should know this year.

If you like to stay well-dressed, read this post all till the end because you just don’t want to miss out on anything important.

Where You Can Buy Latest Trench Coats

Originally intended for army personnel, trench coats are ruling runways today. When Shawn Mendes donned a trench coat from Tommy Hilfiger at the Met Gala 2022, he proved that these long, double-breasted coats have gone nowhere out of fashion.

Next to flight-style jackets, they are the most stylish coats and add a certain enigma to your personality that other styles don’t. Here are some places you can buy the latest trench coats and other types of jackets.

Brown Caribou

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, a scenic city in Florida, Brown Caribou has the most affordable premium quality leather jackets and trench coats you can get. From parka to contemporary bomber-style jackets, the collection includes a variety of styles, and almost every piece is available in a wide range of colors to cater to diverse tastes and needs.

Why waste money on pieces from those big names when you can get the same quality at a cheaper price?

How to Style a Trench Coat: 5 Ways, You Can Rock It

When you think of a trench coat, you probably picture a man wearing a white shirt with a black tie, a gray or black suit, and a long khaki coat on top.

Make Replacements

Long gone are the days when we wore proper dress shoes with a pantsuit. Today, you can wear boots or even canvas shoes and still look quite decent and formal.

Boots go very well with trench coats. Some individuals replace shirts with T-shirts for a cleaner and modern look. Such a look gives the message that you like to move with the times and stay well-dressed.

Wearing a T-shirt will help you avoid a tie, which may make you look a bit too stiff and showy.

Go Monochrome

A unicolor outfit works as an incredible base for a trench coat. The coat doesn’t have to be an entirely different color. It could be a little bit darker or lighter than the rest of your clothing. Imagine how well a navy-blue trench coat would drape over an all-black ensemble.

Wear it Open

You don’t want the coat to suffocate you. Unless it’s pouring, wear it open for it to fall over and flutter around you. Pop up that broad collar, and carry yourself with flair.

Match Your Shoes with Your Top

Whether you wear a high-neck or turtleneck T-shirt, pair it up with like-colored shoes (sneakers make a great choice here) and wear dark-colored jeans to give off a more casual and relaxed vibe.

Try Corduroy with Denim

For a rustic vibe and a delightfully casual look, you can try corduroy pants with a denim shirt and brown or black leather sneakers. Undo the top two buttons for a relaxed appearance.

There are many more ways you can rock a trench coat and impress your peers with your dressing sense. Buy the latest trench coats and other fall apparel at Brown Caribou.

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