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Men’s Leather Jackets Rules For Choosing Quality Clothing

There is never a wrong time to wear a leather jacket; however, you obviously cannot and should not wear it in the hot summer season, or else you will be getting a free bath in your own sweat, and you do not want that, right?

However, one thing that speaks for its class is the leather biker jackets from the Real Leather Garments. A staple leather jacket will not only last you forever, but it is pretty versatile as well; it’s a no-brainer when it comes to creating your minimal wardrobe. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a leather jacket.

Apart from your tuxedo, an investment in a leather jacket is all worth it. Just like a suit, there is something exquisite about putting on a properly fitted leather jacket.

I mean, if you are looking to give off tough and rough vibes, you have got to invest in the leather jacket. It can transform your personality in seconds, and when we say transform, we do not mean it takes you from bad to good, but we think it takes you from good to the best.

However, choosing a high-quality leather jacket is not a piece of cake; you have to have complete knowledge about how things work and what complements what.

Nevertheless, if you want to get some leather education and want to know how things at leather factories work then, you are in the right spot. Here we will tell you all that we know about leather jackets and some rules for choosing quality clothing.

However, you must know all these rules are just the thumb rules and not set in stone. It will give you a fair idea about what to expect when you go jacket hunting.

1. Leather Quality

One thing that you MUST understand is that higher price does not always mean top quality, but it does have a part in it.

The jackets that are light on the pocket use corrected leather only. Animals with a lot of branding, scarring, or Knicks from the way they have been brought up often end up with the corrected leather.

These skins are then sanded down in order to press the faux leather gains, along with the extra dye sprays and treatments that make them more classic and uniform. Due to these top coatings, the corrected leathers have a smooth and plastic feel to the jacket.

2. Topstitching

The kind of stitching is done on the jacket can make or break the jacket; it has to be top quality.  The topstitching is decorative stitching on garments which is a pretty desirable detail on leather jackets.

This is one particular kind of stitching that is only done on the edges of seams and pockets and gives the jacket more of the visual punch. It’s like a sentence in BOLD font on the word document, highlighting it. The designers usually cut the cost by using the casual, thin thread and restricting the amount of topstitching on the jacket; sometimes, it takes it all together.

3. Jacket Lining

The inferior quality jackets will always use lower-grade synthetic linings in the overall dress. These linings cause frequent wear and tear, feel quite dry, and do not breathe well too.

The jacket lining is the cheap synthetics that are typically the first thing to fall apart with time. On the other hand, the expensive jackets have two kinds of lining, one for the sleeves and the other for the body. The body linings are the better quality synthetic with warm cotton that are sometimes quilted and insulated.

In general, the sleeves are lined in silk-like fabric such as cuprous; it is a highly breathable material prepared from the cotton plant fibers and gives the jacket a lot more luxurious look when one puts it on.

4. Sleeves and armholes

The jackets with more oversized and lower armholes are mainly cheaper as they accommodate more body types to improve the likelihood of making a sale. At the same time, the expensive ones have a higher set of armholes.

The main benefit of having it is that the higher armhole encourages flexible arm movement, making it a lot better for the overall fit. When the armhole is unnecessarily low or large, it pulls on the jacket body when you move your arms.

5. Zipper quality

It is one of the most ignored parts of the jacket, the zippers are made of light metal, and the most common ones are YKK.

Apart from this one, RiRi is one of the most famous ones with a pretty strong built and can quickly move up or down. So while you are choosing a zipper for your jacket, go for the RiRi.

The higher-end jackets always have RiRi zippers or the customer heavier-weight zippers that are less likely to break. However, there is a vast price difference between both zippers.

The top brands often go for the 2 way main zippers that make the overall jacket pretty comfortable no matter what posture you are sitting in.

Getting a leather jacket may seem like a small task, all you have to do is pay for them, but it is not really that simple. Follow all the above rules, and you will have the best jacket in your wardrobe that would last you a lifetime.

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