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Metaverse is turning out to be the face of the future.

Even though in its early phases, Metaverse doesn’t fail to amaze people around the globe. Commonly introduced as a fictional development, Metaverse has become the talk of town technology. Metaverse has progressed from the fashion industry to gaming and wedding executions. This infant yet booming technology has created a frenzy in the tranquil industry.

Metaverse saw its first surge during the 2021 pandemic. Amidst the total shutdown, people started turning to virtual spaces for work, meetings, and socializing. Metaverse is a virtual world running parallel to the real world. This parallel world allows users to buy, sell, work, sleep, and form communities in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse uses virtual and augmented reality to provide a space replicating the present world. Unlike virtual reality, all it takes to jump into Metaverse is a screen, an input system, and a powerful processor. The major sector getting its hand grounded in Metaverse is the gaming industry, specifically blockchain-powered gaming. The Metaverse gaming platform has in-built blockchain technology that makes the whole model turn into Play-to-Earn.

Gaming transition to Web 3.0

Early Web 1 and Web 2 did give the players the joy of destressing after a long day of work or school. However, as soon as you quit the game, all efforts are lost, and you have to start from the beginning. This was a major letdown in the gaming world. The second was that the control was entirely in the hand of the developers giving the users little satisfaction.

The early Web 1 gaming was for the solo entertainment of the players. That is, it did not provide any interaction with the social world. On top of that, returning to the same level once you switched off the game was impossible. Web 2 gaming made this progress possible. In Web 2, users could interact with their social friends and even save their game levels for later hours. However, Web 2 also did not give justice to the amount spent on buying the in-game items. Once one stops playing, the in-game collectibles are redundant.

The introduction of Web 3.0 made it possible to resolve these setbacks in the industry. Web 3.0, integrated with blockchain technology, allows users to sell their in-game collectibles. Best of all, the game will run parallel to the present world, i.e., you’ll not lose your progress even after switching the game off. One of the industries making massive success in Web 3.0 gaming is the Metaverse platform.

Metaverse gaming platform

That said, one can understand the leap of the Metaverse in the gaming industry. The major discussion found immaculate with Metaverse was:

  1. Introduction of NFT gaming marketplace
    Play-To-Earn games are not new to the market. Several games have built a platform where you can sell your in-game tokens. However, the involvement of NFTs was a significant step. The in-game NFTs can be brought out and sold in the Metaverse.
  2. Improvement in the gaming experience
    The most important factor in the gaming platform is user experience, and the Metaverse gaming platform solved this. The Metaverse was brought into the picture to provide an immersive experience to the users. Metaverse allows the players to extend their real-life realities to the virtual 3D space, thereby increasing participation. The Metaverse increased the usability of the players, which means with the Metaverse gaming platform, the users can exchange or sell their virtual assets with real-life money.
  3. Moving to another space? Take your avatar with you.
    Another huge benefit of the Metaverse is that if players want to shift spaces, they can take their avatars and assets with them. This interoperability factor of Metaverse makes it much more appealing. Another discovered dimension of Metaverse is that we can find other players in the parallel virtual world without any gaming platforms. It is a less explored side of Metaverse gaming platforms.

Top Metaverse games

Gaming platforms have begun their quest and progress in the Metaverse. Some popular games using the Metaverse gaming platform are the Sandbox, Illuvium, and Axie Infinity. Let’s dive deeper into these games.

The Sandbox

This ETH-based Metaverse game is a total hit in the gaming world. It is still in its infancy, yet, it provides the players with a great venture. You can create, own, and monetize your in-game assets.


Illuvium is an up-and-coming open-world exploration game incorporated with the Metaverse gaming platform. The game is about exploring the vast virtual world and collecting its powerful titles called ‘Illuviles.’

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another famous Metaverse NFT gaming. Here the player is required to buy an Axie, an in-game NFT. The players have to battle each other and earn experience points.

Ending Discussion

Metaverse is still in its budding stage and is expected to rise infinitely in the future. The gaming industry has also come a long way. The incorporation of Metaverse into the gaming industry was an excellent idea. Metaverse is changing the face of the future, and a few of the most important ones include integration of the NFT gaming marketplace, 3D visualization, and interoperability in the virtual world.

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