Most common problems with Masonry Chimneys

Research shows that smoking is the leading cause of home fires. Next came cooking and electrical malfunction. Many accidents can be controlled but a couple of things like electrical malfunctions and faulty masonry chimneys cannot be easily diagnosed. It is not a good idea to delay diagnosing a masonry fireplace. This is why do everything you need to know about masonry chimney repair.

Do you know, what are the most common problems with masonry chimneys? A problem in the chimney can be caused by many things. The most common masonry chimney repairs are:

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  1. Chimney Cracks

A crack in a chimney may be quite obvious. Your chimney’s purpose is to vent smoke and other products of combustion from your home. A chimney can become brittle, or cracky, and cause problems. Smoke and other combustion materials that are not properly vented from your home can build up in cracks, thereby posing a fire hazard.

Cracks are a common problem in masonry chimneys. You might have to do a chimney demolition and replacement if they aren’t fixed. Crown cracks are a common thing in chimneys. This photo shows a cracked and failed chimney crown. Another common chimney repair item is the chimney crown.

A chimney that is not cleaned properly or frequently enough is the number one reason for a fire. Make sure you have your chimney cleaned regularly!

  1. Issues concerning Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the top of a chimney. You would notice some differences if it was the crown of the king. This includes cracks in the crown or the lopsided or(fall of the empire). It is crucial to immediately correct any problems with a crown of masonry chimneys. One, a Chimney Crown can get worse the longer it is ignored.

  1. Chimney Liners Issues

The Chimney liner plays an important role in a chimney system. The chimney’s condition will determine the type of chimney liner repair needed. This could include proper insulation and centering, or a smoother refinished liner. A functioning chimney requires a smooth chimney liner.

A truly effective chimney liner should include:

  • Maximum protection for your chimney
  • Maximum protection in the smoke chamber
  • Enhanced performance of your fireplace or appliance
  • For all fuels, be mindful.
  • Significantly improves structural integrity

To ensure water is safe, it’s best to have a professional inspect your chimney liner. Learn more about Fire safe Industries Guardian Chimney Liners products here.

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  1. Water penetration & weather

Water reacts with creosote to become acidic, which causes premature rusting and accelerates the decay of brick and mortar in your chimney and fireplace. This means that water penetration and weather elements are bad for your masonry chimney. A working chimney is essential for water protection, just like your roof. There are simple fixes for water intrusions around your chimney flashing, crown, cracks, and other areas.

There are many solutions for chimneys that have been damaged by weather or water. This brings us to the final issue of chimney repair – design

  1. Faulty Chimney Design

A poorly designed chimney can lead to anything from a bizarre-looking chimney to serious fire hazards. A roofing company called to inform us of a damaged chimney while they were replacing a roof. Consider, for example, a fireplace smoke chamber that has been improperly designed or built.

A fireplace works in a similar way to how a car is designed to provide safety and performance. All aspects of a chimney, including the liner, crown, and flu, not only work together but also depend on each other!

What is the average cost of a chimney repair?

The question of how much it costs to repair a chimney made from masonry is very common. It does depend on the answer. An inspection of a brick chimney can reveal a $250 crack that could be fixed. Depending on how extensive the damage is, chimney repairs can cost anywhere from $250 to several thousand. It is always best to get in touch with a licensed contractor for assistance in such situations.

This year, clean your chimney! You can search for “chimney repair in Chicago” or “chimney sweep Chicago” and get a great deal! Ask the chimney sweep expert to tell you if they have noticed any unusual behaviour. They might not, that’s great! If they do, Call a chimney repair company in your area to inspect your chimney.

We hope you find this article helpful!

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