NDIS support coordination

NDIS Support Coordination: A Comprehensive Guide

A support coordinator performs NDIS support coordination, also known as disability support. Anyone can seek funds for plan management; however, NDIS funding for support coordination is provided only in some circumstances. In addition, it is frequently offered for a brief period.

The offer goes through when you initially begin your plan or experience a substantial shift in situations. This article will cover everything you must know about support coordination and more.

About Support Coordination

The support offered by NDIS to a differently abled person, enabling them to manage their home environment, is support coordination. Along with helping one develop skills and get the assistance they need to succeed throughout life, it also involves behaviour support.

From equipment evaluation to house improvements, several things are included. However, the financing for support coordination is temporary; therefore, it’s crucial to remember that you might not get it in every plan.

Role of Support Coordinators

A support coordinator functions as your assistant. You can comprehend how your NDIS plan managed functions and how to use your money by working with an NDIS support coordinator.

They are the ideal persons to discuss your plan with because they are authorities in their field. Their responsibility is to ensure that your plan is as simple to comprehend as possible. In addition, they also put you in touch with service providers who can offer the services you need in a way that fits you.

It is critical to realize that a support coordinator’s job is to help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend your plan and make choices about it and not to rob you of your autonomy. Besides, their other responsibility is to assist you in finding the best local disability support services. Having the appropriate support services for your requirements can help ensure it.

Types of Support

  • Counselling and support for behaviour treatment
  • Modification to a residence to make it eligible for living
  • Assistance with domestic chores to maintain your home
  • Assistance in obtaining or retaining employment
  • Travelling to social, professional, or community events
  • Mobility devices and gear
  • Alterations to vehicles

Advantages of NDIS Support

The NDIS addresses assisting differently-abled people from a lifetime perspective. They advise making early investments in support to provide handicapped with the tools and assistance needed to enhance their quality of life.

The advantages of appointing a support coordinator are as follows.

  • Makes reservations and appointments on your behalf
  • Assist you in negotiating terms of service with service providers
  • When usual services are unavailable, assistance is provided to handle service disruptions and locate substitutes
  • Coaching to assist you in choosing how to use your NDIS fund most effectively
  • Assisting to make you ready for your plan review meeting


Support coordination is included in either your initial NDIS plan managed or future NDIS plans since it falls within the capacity-building budget. However, not all participants in the NDIS get support coordination services.

Your plan will incorporate one of these three tiers of support coordination if it’s “appropriate” and “essential” for you.

  • Support Connection
  • Support Coordination
  • Specialist Support Coordination

If your capacity-building funds run out, you can then use your NDIS core allocation to access more hours of this program. But, if NDIS support isn’t in your plan, you can get this service using funds from your core budget.


NDIS support coordination has several advantages, but you must pick them wisely if you want to use your NDIS funds to achieve your goals. First, you must select your preferred support coordinator on your NDIS plan to identify a coordinator; this will immediately transmit a request to your chosen coordinator on your behalf. The coordinator will then receive a form, which they will use to understand your unique needs well and adapt their strategy and services to suit you.

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