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New Color Trends For Product Packaging in 2020

Can you ever manage to compromise the success and growth of your product business? Surely not, right? Nobody would like that to happen. For avoiding such a mess, it is important to focus on every minute detail of your product. Packaging, in this regard, is something that should not be overlooked at any cost. It is one of the most crucial aspects of a perfect product and this is the reason why every firm is not keen to adopt the best packaging designs and product boxes. But even if you are among those brand owners, who have clearly recognized the significance of a good packaging design, it is still not enough if you don’t strive for a continuous update of your packing boxes. With hundreds of packaging designers in the market, we witness regular innovations in the printing or color designs of packaging boxes. Therefore, it is important to evolve according to latest trends to not be left behind your competitors. So, here we bring you a guide about all the latest product packaging color trends in 2020, which can be your way to having amazing packaging designs. 

Why Is It Important to Adopt Latest Trends of Packaging?

If you are thinking why you should evolve your packaging designs with time and incorporate latest trends, we have the answers. Even if you have managed to create the best and unique custom boxes at the inception of your product business, it is still necessary to keep a good look on them regularly. With advancement going on in every domain across globe, everything has to be updated and innovated with time. The same pace of advancement has been observed in the realm of packaging industry, where every product developer tries to come up with more inspiring and out-of-the-box custom product box packaging every single day. To keep up with the demands of the customers and the competition, it is crucial to adapt with latest trends in the industry. We can see a variety of changes in the style, color or printing with every new packaging design in the market. If a brand does not adapt to the latest trends, it is more than likely for it to be left behind others or may be wiped out altogether from the market. 

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New Product Packaging Color Trends in 2020:

One of the major changes to happen in the customized box packaging, almost every year, is the new and fresh color schemes. Colors play a very important role in this regard, as every color is known to incite different emotions in people. This is why, product developers try to make the right use of different colors, that may not only correspond to their brand but also hit the right strikes in their customers. So, let’s take a look at some new color trends for product box packaging wholesale, in the year 2020:

  •  Intense Green:   
  •  Blossoming Lava:
  •  Phantom Blue:
  • Saffron:
  • Coral Pink:
  • Dull Denim:
  • Intense Green:

Green is not only a refreshing color but also an erudite one, along with being associated with eco-friendliness. For all these reasons, it is incorporated in packaging a lot more than ever before. This year it is also expected to be used by a lot of product developers.

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  • Blossoming Lava:

Colors like, red, orange, yellow are often considered as bold and vibrant which quickly grab a customer’s attention at any retail store. This is why, an amalgamation of all these colors in the form of blossoming lava is expected to rule those product industries which reflect a chic, candid and catchy impression.

  •  Phantom Blue:

Blue has always been associated with elegance, decency and sophistication, and, therefore, this new shade of blue is the perfect pick for all those firms that want to convey a stately and classy vibe of their packaging and products. 

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  •   Saffron:

Just like blossoming lava, saffron color is also in the limelight this year for product packaging. This color is not only eye-catching but also trendy and urbane, which is exactly what all the high-quality and elite brands seek for inspiring their customers with an impactful and appealing product packaging design. 

  • Coral Pink:

Another lovely color to rule multiple packaging industries this year is coral pink. This is yet another alluring and refreshing color which is loved by a lot of people. It is going to be more in use among industries which are associated with women’s products, like cosmetics or makeup industry etc. 

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  • Dull Denim:

This shade of blue is also going to be in vogue this year. Unlike deep blue, this dull denim tone not only fulfills the aesthetic needs of the customers but also depicts a decent and stylish vibe of the brand it gets associated with. So, these are a few colors that are expected to be in top trends for product packaging this year. If you want to make your name in the market, you must alter your packaging designs according to these new color trends. 

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