Digitalizing Dosage: Paul Edalat’s Spectacular Software fights Opioid Crisis

Opioids are compounds derived from poppy seeds that impart morphine-life effects. These compounds act on the opioid receptors in the brain and are medically used in pain relief. Morphine, tramadol, heroin, and fentanyl have opioids in their composition, making them one of the most used drugs for substance abuse. Opioid addiction is a global epidemic, with over half a million people succumbing to the addiction every year. This has made prescription drug abuse a global issue to combat, especially in developing countries.


Paul Edalat ZICOH is a life-changing electronic medication delivery device. Inspired by Edalat’s struggle with prescription abuse, Paul and his team, keeping in mind the severity of prescription drug abuse, have created this technology. The primary idea of ZICOH is to overcome addiction through controlled medications. ZICOH pairs with the cloud-based ZICOH Connect to collect and aggregate data per the patient’s prescription. This drastically reduces the chances of substance abuse via overdose.


ZICOH is a groundbreaking medical technology set to change the face of healthcare. Paul Edalat’s Vivera Pharmaceuticals is breaking barriers with these adaptive technologies, keeping in mind the struggle of the present generation. With the healthcare industry providing resistance to every step, Vivera’s dedicated team works relentlessly to set standards and achieve them in the medical field. For Vivera, patients come first and foremost, and with changing technologies, they are evolving the way we see medical science today.


Vivera Pharmaceuticals, led by Paul Edalat, have always believed in giving back to society. Their non-profit organisation, Vivera Cares, caters to the needs of vulnerable communities across the world. They look for innovative methods and affordable solutions to combat the issues of people with limited resources. Apart from that, Paul Edalat actively participates in various philanthropic endeavours, taking Vivera to new heights. With a dedicated team, Edalat is ready to fight the growing addiction that is curbing nations worldwide.

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