Payroll Processing: Challenges & Solutions

Payroll is more than nearly computing incomes. It is a detailed set of procedures that calls for various teams to operate in tandem. A number of economic, lawful as well as moral factors make it critical for businesses to maintain spick-and-span records and also manage their payroll efficiently.

During our Parichay Ask the Professional session, Anurag Jain, Co-founder and also Partner of ByTheBook Consulting LLP, narrowed down a few of the normal difficulties dealt with by organisations while refining payroll Software. He offered intriguing truths from some provider surveys and also chose useful options to get rid of the usual difficulties.

5 Essential Difficulties of Payroll Processing

Coordination with several teams

Payroll teams spend plenty of hours accumulating details from the HR, financing as well as attendance management teams. Also staff members send details like compensation

expenses and tax-saving record information. It takes a great deal of initiative to collate every little thing promptly, each time. It would not be unusual if the task appears frustrating, specifically while multitasking.

Remaining certified with payroll laws

Businesses have to look after all the statutory documentation as well as remittances on time. When it involves Indian services, laws like Provident Fund, Specialist Tax, Work Welfare Fund and Shops and also Establishment Act need to be thought about for calculation. Any type of concern with tax remittance or mistake of these parts could provide these firms a major drawback.

Taking care of worker morale

Workers anticipate to earn money on schedule for their time and job. Indian payroll groups have to collect investment statements and evidence precisely to avert tax-related issues. Occasionally, even a little income mistake can demoralise individuals and also reduce their count on the company. Based on a survey, virtually 44% of the workers thought about leaving their companies due to incorrect settlements.

Dependancy on legacy techniques

The paper-and-pen approach for calculating work hours can open the door to unreliable estimations and lose a great deal of time. Physical papers can be misplaced. Also the spreadsheet-based payroll system does not fully fix the troubles of every sort of organisation. That’s because not all organisations have staff with proficiency over

spread sheets.

Keeping information confidentiality

Payroll information consists of highly delicate information regarding firms and their employees. As information has actually come to be a vital possession, the danger to its confidentiality is much more intense than ever before. Exactly how is it possible to ensure 100% privacy? What happens if this data gets to the incorrect endpoints? It can set you back firms a ton of money, besides producing enormous anxiety on the team and also administration.

Top 2 Solutions to Minimise Pay-roll Difficulties

  1. Payroll outsourcing

Among one of the most remarkable results from a study was that payroll leapt from number 8 to number 3 on the listing of HR domain names most appropriate for outsourcing. The majority of the firms depend on a third party to some extent or agree to do so.

These are some of the essential advantages of payroll outsourcing:

Lifts team: When you outsource payroll, you ease your personnel of the tension that includes unpredicted situations. Similarly important is the truth that outsourcing gives them the needed space to add more worth while doing repetitive human resources jobs.

Helps with a new way of working: Decentralised human resources teams can gain from cloud-based solutions to take care of payroll information anywhere. The provision of integration with various other modules can assist drive higher efficiency throughout the HR function.

Guarantees tight compliance: Lack of adequate legal knowledge or absence of a subject specialist can place business in a tight spot. Payroll outsourcing is a method to gain access to experts that can advise the firm on the processes and best techniques to be complied with.

Reduces prices: It’s nice to have an internal team of payroll officers yet there’s an income price commitment every month. There’s additionally a cost for yearly software program licences. What if they make expensive manual errors? Besides, they are your people! A difficult call to take. A smart option is to pay a month-to-month charge to a pay-roll carrier and outsource your tasks as well as problems!

Develops chances to beam: Repetitive yet intricate as well as time-consuming tasks put a concern on interior groups. When payroll is outsourced, employee can focus on even more tactical jobs like skill procurement, discovering & development and also HR data analytics. This not just enables them to create lasting worth, but additionally produces possibilities for them to carry out as well as radiate.

” Automation is the requirement of the hour. Every company, irrespective of the headcount of their workers, should take a look at automation as a remedy.” Anurag Jain, ByTheBook Consulting LLP

  1. Payroll automation

Smaller sized companies could rely on spreadsheets to manage their payroll. But business of all dimensions need to think about a payroll automation service, thanks to the listed below advantages.

Improved efficiency: Given that payroll is an ongoing task, the accuracy of processing and turn-around time are vital. Automation saves time by reducing manual labor, and also decreases expensive errors while keeping sensitive information protect.

Employee self-service: When payroll is automated, staff members can mark attendance from another location, download their payslips, send their investment affirmation, and do a lot a lot more on their own. This maximizes transmission capacity for the HR Software, who can then concentrate more on various other value-added jobs.

Easier compliance: Payroll remedies are usually coded with the current regulation that are needed to be followed. Otherwise, organisations that deploy them would end up with non-compliance concerns and encounter the danger of charges.


To make sure a reliable payroll administration procedure, the payroll administrator needs to prepare the payroll process step by step. Nevertheless, challenges are inevitable on account of the intricacies associated with the whole procedure.

The service depends on either outsourcing the procedure or taking on board a payroll specialist. If the latter is the favored selection, then the person has to be equipped with the ideal payroll option. Compatibility, simplicity of use and also accessibility are some of the essential aspects to be thought about while choosing a payroll remedy.

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