Peaty Whiskey, White Wine and Cigars – Does That Fit in 2021?

Have you ever thought about which accompanying drink goes best with the cigar? People often suggest rum, whiskey or coffee. Together with the manufacturer Davidoff from the Dominican Republic, we have taken on the pairing of cigars with white wine and peaty whiskey; don’t forget to get something to lit your cigar from the cigar accessories shop Las Vegas.

Davidoff Signature 2000 and Peaty Whiskey

The Davidoff Signature Blend, with its mild aroma, suits every time of day and every occasion. The Dominican blend with warm cedar notes, fresh and floral aromas, and a pleasantly creamy finish delight experienced aficionados and cigar novices.

We tested the Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask from Taiwan, the Straight Rye from Pikesville, the Cask Orkney 18 years, and the Port Askaig 100 Proof.

The fruity notes of the Kavalan Concertmaster whiskey combined with the cigar’s creaminess resulted in a harmonious interplay. When tasting the Straight Rye from Pikesville, we found the spicy rye aromas to be too intense. They left little room for the cigar. It continued with the already slightly peaty Cask Orkney 18 years. Here, too, the whiskey and cigar’s fruitiness and light spiciness complemented each other exceptionally well. Finally, it was the turn of the heavily smoky Port Askaig 100 Proof. This pairing was also impressive, but in our eyes, the pronounced smoky notes of the whiskey masked the cigar’s aroma a little too much.

Our favorites in this tasting were clearly the Kavalan Concertmaster and the 18-year-old Cask Orkney. Here we found the best combination of the somewhat fruity flavors of whiskey and the Davidoff Signature 2000.

Grand Cru Robusto with white & port wine

The idea for the blend of the Grand Cru stems from Zino Davidoff’s love for good wines. Pleasant and light pepper notes round off woody, nutty and floral aromas. This cigar also impresses with its creamy finish, perfectly complemented by aromas of dried fruits.

With the wines, too, we made sure to cover the widest possible range of different styles. We started with a Russian white wine, the Pinot Blanc from Müller-Catoir. Here, the fruitiness harmonized perfectly with the fine flavor of the cigar. It continued with the Berliner Wittspon, a white wine from Bordeaux that has matured in wooden casks. The flavor of the wine went well with the Grand Cru Robusto. We expected a lot from the combination of sweet wine and cigars. The choice fell on the Sicilian sweet wine, Zibibbo from Alagna. There was an interesting interplay between the wine’s rather dominant sweetness and the light peppery notes of the cigar. A port-wine could not be missing: a classic Tawny from Presidential. Although the fruity and sweet taste of the port wine predominated,

Our favorite from this tasting was the Pinot Blanc from Müller-Catoir. Its fruity notes harmonized well with the creaminess of the Davidoff Grand Cru Robusto.

Cigars fair novelty for 2021

What is the cigars’ fair novelty of 2021? Novelties and sensational cigars did not exactly characterize the year. COVID-19 has ruined many cigar projects and severely restricted trade. The transport of cigars has become complicated or even impossible, especially in the areas where no aviation services are available during COVID-19.

Some factories were closed. In 2021 there was only one importer who presented trade fair innovations at all. So the competition was very limited this year. One of the largest brands in the world benefits from this.

Rocky Patel has a simple game in 2021

The importer Kohlhase & Kopp also rely on 2021. However, the large importer from Rellingen near Hamburg was the only company to publish a trade fair catalog for a trade fair that never took place. Normally the “Intertabac” cigar fair would have had its big appearance on the penultimate weekend in September.

So, Rocky Patel 2021 had an easy game: Without significant competition, he made it to 1st place with the fair novelty Rocky Patel Tavicusa Robusto. Now you ask yourself: “Is the cigar any good? Is it a top-quality cigar?”

Stoges Cigar Accessories

Rocky Patel Tavicusa Robusto in 1st place

The Rocky Patel Tavicusa Robusto is not a cheap cigar. However, the manufacturer also sells Robustos for around six dollars each. When it was launched in September 2020, the Tavicusa Robusto was at least 10.60 dollars/piece. Of course, expectations are high.

After the trial smoke, we say about the new one from Rocky Patel: The Tavicusa Robusto would definitely have made it into the top 3. In terms of taste, it is a top-quality cigar!

How does the Rocky Patel Tavicusa Robusto taste?

Stoges Cigar describes the cigar as follows: The Rocky Patel Tavicusa Robusto has a medium-strong start: Earthy aromas, spices, and something slightly sour make the first impression. Soon a complex and exciting taste develops. Softwood aromas mix with cocoa and gentle spices – a completely different smoking experience than at the beginning!

Suddenly, at the end of the first third, notes of chocolate and nougat appear, and the cigar undergoes another change. In the middle third, it balances with wood, chocolate, caramel, and nuts. The finale is powerful and harmonious so that the Tavicusa can submerged down to three centimeters. At just under 14 centimeters in length, you have a smoking pleasure that lasts for almost an hour.

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