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Primer avance de La Desalmada con Livia Brito y José Ron

The premiere of La desalmada, the new Televisa telenovela that brings Livia Brito and José Ron together as the leading couple for the second time, has begun to be promoted in Mexico.

“What a joy to belong to this great project! I’m sure they’re going to enjoy it as much as I’m doing it,” Marlene Favela, who leads one of the show’s star jobs, expressed through Instagram after seeing the first previews on the air. from the soap opera

The fiction produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa with a cast of great stars will be released in Mexico on Monday, July 5 at 9:30 p.m. by Las Estrellas.

“The story is fascinating, that is, it is super well written,ennovelas  the character changes to become an empowered woman in search of justice and one of the things I say about Fernanda is that she is a woman who loses her soul in search of justice and finds the love,” Brito expressed recently through the cameras of Televisa Espectáculos.

The telenovela also features the performances of Eduardo Santamarina and Marjorie de Sousa, who will be in charge of making life impossible for the protagonist.

“The truth is that I like to play the villain, I like the story, I like to think about what will happen and think about what Julieta does. She has in her hands severely destroying the lives of many people,” the Venezuelan actress advanced in a recent interview with the program Today.

La desalmada tells the story of Fernanda, a beautiful and brave woman who seeks to avenge the murder of her husband, whose life was taken on their wedding night. Unfortunately, her memory is unclear, leading her to doubt and make errors in judgment. When she meets Rafael, she falls madly in love with him, but then she mistakes him for the man who hurt her. Over time, as her memory clears, she realizes her botch and that it wasn’t Rafael, but his father, who ruined her life.