Good Kitchen = Good Food= Good Mood: The Property of Transitivity

Good kitchen derives the good mood to make good food. And good food= good mood. Ultimately good kitchen leads to the good mood, therefore satisfying the property of Transitivity.

For people who are looking forward to construct a new kitchen Noosa, it is important to keep a variety of factors in mind while choosing from the types of kitchen designs available at kitchen design Sunshine Coast or at kitchen manufacturers Caloundra.

The choice of color schemes and materials will depend on the taste and preference of a person. Generally, people prefer to go with traditional styles of kitchens as they are in accordance with their lifestyle. There are various kitchen shops Maroochydore where you can find the designs of your choice.

On the other hand, modern kitchen designs are preferred by people who are keener to modify their current interiors. However, the type of design that is chosen will largely depend on the amount of money that one can afford to spend on it.

If budget is the main constraint, then people can choose from among traditional and contemporary designs available. Mix and match colors As far as the materials are concerned, people can opt for natural and synthetic products.

The lively and rich colors usually cannot go away of fashion irrespective of anything related to house interior decoration. And so, selecting bold colored tiles for traditional kitchens goes with most types of traditional kitchen designs.

One thing that can always help you out while selecting from the types of kitchen designs is to know the pros and cons of the various options that you have at your disposal.

One such factor that can help you out in this regard is to have a basic knowledge about the pros and cons of the types of contemporary kitchens that are readily available.

  • Darker shades of tiles create a cosy and warm feel in contrast to the light colors. In most instances, darker shades of tiles are used in traditional kitchens along with granite counter tops and wood flooring. The lighter shades are normally used for contemporary kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

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Selection of tiles for the kitchen:

  • When it comes to the selection of tiles for a new and traditional kitchen design, people must be aware of the types of effect tiles and their varying levels of appeal.
  • Tiles with different colors and patterns have an impressive effect on enhancing the overall feel and ambiance of any place. People can always go for matching tiles in case they have different tastes.
  • The effects of some tiles can completely transform the overall atmosphere of any place. But, if they want to mix and match different types of effect tiles, then matching up the colors of these tiles is essential.


  • Types of kitchen Tiles:
  • There are generally three main types of kitchen tiles available in the market – trainer, limestone and slate.
  • Trainer, limestone and slate tiles are the most popular and therefore are found in the maximum number in most of the houses.
  • Their extensive usage over centuries and varieties ensures their universal acceptance in any type of kitchen.
  • But, these tiles are generally not recommended for kitchens since they can easily scratch and dent the surface.

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 Transitional kitchens

  • Transitional kitchens are considered the ideal type of place to install ceramic tiles. Here the tiles are spread over the floor and walls with a backdrop of decorative hardware such as cabinets. As they are not as deep as the travertine and limestone tiles, they tend to soak up the noise and vibrations.
  • Hence, they tend to give a very elegant and modern look to the kitchens. Transitional kitchens are highly recommended for small rooms, as they can also be used to replace the cabinets with ease.


Last but not least, one of the widely accepted types of kitchen tile designs is the wood effect tiles. These kitchen wall tiles are widely preferred because they give a rustic, natural feel to the room.

Moreover, they create a warm atmosphere with their rustic finish. Since they are available in so many different designs, they add a touch of style to the overall appearance of the kitchen walls. Wood effect kitchen wall tiles are generally used along with other types of decorative hardware to provide a very customized look to the room.


While selecting kitchen tiles designs, it is necessary to pay attention to several factors such as the quality of the material, durability, appeal, and price. You can take the help of an interior designer while selecting the tiles as they have all the relevant information regarding the qualities. The other things to be kept in mind include the kitchen size, the number of cabinets and the amount you have to spend on the project. All these factors are essential for helping you choose the perfect type of tiles for your kitchen.


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