4 Great Pros of Using TSW Wheels

One of the most popular and high-quality brands that dominate the custom aftermarket wheels market in the United States and around the world is TSW Wheels. It is a particularly prevalent brand amongst the off-roading enthusiast niche of the bigger market. The company owns a number of recognizable names too, one of them being Black Rhino wheels.

The foundations of the company were laid down by a retired Formula One driver; this partly explains why these rims are so popular in circles that seek superior performance. That was in the late 1960s. Verde Wheels, another cult classic that many racing pros use, also share the same characteristics and are comparable to TSW rims.

But what makes these wheels (and the company) so popular and so desirable? Given below are 4 of the greatest advantages of TSW Wheels.

Why go for TSW Wheels?

This is a common question asked by those who are wading into the custom wheel market for the first time. Here are four good reasons why these rims should be on your must-buy list.

Made in the USA for over 60 years

Like arch-rivals Verde Wheels, these models are always manufactured in the United States. They represent the best of American engineering. The raw materials used are of very high standards too. TSW has spent several decades in forging the types of wheels which are bound to suit every vehicle that plies across the United States. Even its off-roading models, which are inspired heavily by the Japanese design philosophy, are made in its California factories.


This is a significant advantage as far as brand loyalty is concerned. TSW rims are Pax Americana by default.

A wide range of models available in uber-cool designs

The company has spent enough time in the States to have identified exactly what their target customers want, and their designs reflect that. Each year, TSW Wheels launches several new models to extend their lineup. In 2021, for example, three longstanding ranges- the Neptune, Marina and Ascari models- received new models to upgrade them and bring them up to fit bigger and heavier vehicles.


TSW is one company which knows how to make their product aesthetically pleasing. It has an endless number of styles available. The colors are dashing and adds a degree of elegance and sprite to any vehicle. Moreover, TSW Wheels has consistently led the market with its range of custom-manufactured models, something that still remains its forte.


Their engineering prowess is beyond reproach

This is a company that has invested humongous amounts of money in Research and Development or R&D. To take just one example, some of their latest models are built using the most modern ‘rotary building’ This is a new technology that is yet to percolate down to some of the other big brands.


Furthermore, these wheels are renowned for their low weights and durability. At first glance, these two qualities might seem at odds to one another; TSW Wheels has found the sweet spot. To the rider, these qualities mean that they will have to spend a lot less money on fuel besides superlative driving experiences each and every time!


Unmatched supply chain and dealership network

In 2020, TSW was acquired by Wheel Pros. This meant that the company went over and beyond Verde Wheels in terms of availability and dealership networks. Astute market watchers will know that Wheel Pros is probably the biggest player in the custom wheel market, and with its strong support base, TSW will broaden its footprint.


As per the latest data, TSW has 8 huge distribution centers across the United States. From these 8 major centers, their products go to an awe-inspiring network of more than 5.5 thousand dedicated dealers, besides the usual third-party dealerships. Overall, TSW Wheels is now better able to fulfill orders placed by dealers from not only in the USA but across the world.


The latter advantage is a direct result of the global presence of Wheel Pros. Leveraging its formidable network, TSW and its array of sister brands will soon make its presence felt in many more niches.


Signing off


Are you looking for a fantastic set of TSW Wheels that will fit your vehicle and suit your budget like a glove? Feel free to log on to the official website of the company and search for authorized dealerships near your locality. Or you can choose to place an order directly using the various interactive tools the website provides for good measure.


Read up on the types of rims ideal for your vehicle and you are good to go!


Happy motoring!


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