Proven Tips and Tricks to Pack and Load your Moving Truck

Are you having difficulties in packing and loading your moving truck just like professional packers and movers? Well, then you are not the one who is facing such challenges. The entire moving process is so complex that a common individual is not able to cope with them. This is the reason why everyone intends to avail the services of professional packing and moving companies.

There are so many items you need to pack and load in your truck. Right from loading the oddly-shaped furniture to loading your fragile goods, each item requires much effort from your side. You also need to devise some loading strategies so that you can load the items in your truck efficiently. The people who prefer DIY moving always have confusion in loading their moving truck properly. Improper positioning of your items in the truck is the most common mistake people commit while loading their truck.

You must consider positioning the items evenly in the truck which will save you from extra stress. So, you need excellent tips to load your articles perfectly in the truck. Following are some of the tips that will help in packing and moving your truck in the perfect way.

Use the Best Packing Supplies

Packing your moving truck professionally is possible if you use the right packing supplies for this purpose. All your boxes must be packed with the best packing supplies that offer them complete protection. You also require filling in the gaps between your articles and boxes. It’s best to use padding and moving blankets for this purpose. Other packing supplies you need include moving straps and mattress bags. You can buy the packing supplies from the market at affordable rates. Some packing items you can use include furniture pads, plastic wrap, strong boxes, moving blankets, padding, etc.

Choose the Right-sized Truck

It is crucial to pick the right-sized truck for your belongings. The truck rental firms have all kinds of truck sizes to offer to you. So, make sure to choose the truck size carefully before transporting your items to your new destination. You can choose smaller trucks to the big-sized ones as per your moving needs. You can book smaller trucks for rent at low prices. However, it is useless if you are moving a big consignment.

In these situations, the truck will take multiple trips to move your goods to your destination. This truck is too small to load your items. So, it will cost you extra money as well as extra time. You must identify the volume of your articles first. This will help you choose the right truck according to your requirements.

Load Largest and Heaviest Items First

It is advisable to load the heaviest and the largest items first in your truck. Make sure to load heavy tables, refrigerators, bed frames, coffee tables, sectionals, bed frames, etc. These heavy articles should be loaded on the bottom of the truck and to the side where the driver is sitting.

Load the Lightest Items Last

Once you are done loading your heaviest items on the truck, you must start with loading the lighter objects. Some lightweight items to load in your truck are light furniture pieces, kitchen appliances, etc.

Use the mattress bags to put your mattresses and original boxes for packing kitchen appliances. However, make separate boxes to put your valuable items such as jewelry and your important documents. Also, make sure to put the lightweight boxes on top of heavy items. This way, you can protect them from being crushed.

Use Moving Straps

Your lightweight items move here and there in the truck. So, you should use moving straps for this purpose. This way, you can save your items from moving here and there. However, consider using them separately for your items. For example, you can strap down your heavier items first, followed by strapping down other items.

Load Large Items Properly

Loading your articles requires proper planning on your part. Your main aim while loading your belongings will be to save as much space in the truck. Be careful while placing your heavy items in the truck. It is best to place all your couches and tables in a vertical position. You can also use plastic wrap and moving blankets to protect your items.

Distribute the Weight of Your Items

Proper distribution of your weight is crucial for the safe relocation of your goods. The packers and movers load your goods perfectly. They take great care in distributing the weight of your items evenly throughout the truck. This will help in balancing the weight of your items placed in the truck. If you are on a DIY move, you can use this tip to load your articles on the truck efficiently.

This would be extremely beneficial to you while loading and unloading your products. Plus, it is also good for the driver to control the truck while driving it.

Disassembling your Furniture

Disassembling your furniture is crucial for its successful relocation. This will help you in using the maximum space of your chosen track. For example, if you disassemble the furniture, then you can easily put the table vertically in the truck.

Wrap the Damaged Goods

Your fragile items are at greater risk during the relocation. So, you must protect all these goods from any kind of damage. Make sure to wrap all the items that may be damaged during the move. Many people don’t take care of packing their products efficiently. As a result, their items may get damaged during the relocation.

Plastic wrap works better in protecting the items from any scratch. However, the Moving Blankets provide cushioning to your goods against any bumps.

Remove the Obstacles

Make sure to remove all obstacles between your moving truck. It is extremely important to clear the path between your home and the truck. This will let you load your articles safely on your truck. Also, there would be less probability of getting injured after removing the obstacles.


The above tips will be highly beneficial for you in packing and loading your truck. You can use these tips to load your moving truck like reliable packers and movers.

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