Quick Fixing Methods For The QuickBooks Error Code 6123!

Since QuickBooks is a software that helps you work on a lot of different fields at once, it is bound to produce some errors every now and then. The QB error 6123 might pop up on your screen when you are trying to restore a backup file. For example, you may see an error message that reads, “Error: -1623, 0. We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file”. A Lot of things can trigger this error in your QuickBooks application. Luckily, we have a few solutions up our sleeves to help you resolve these errors. 

Here are the factors that can lead up to the QuickBooks Error 6123:

  1. The error 6123 in QuickBooks is usually seen when the user is working on an out-of-date version. 
  2. Your QuickBooks company file might be damaged. This could trigger not only the 6123 error but also the other 6000 series errors.
  3. If you try to restore your backup file via online storage like dropbox, that can also trigger the error 6123.

If you feel stuck in any of the steps mentioned below in this article, you may contact us at (855)-738-0359. It would make things very easy for you and save up loads of your time.

Let’s view the intelligently picked out troubleshooting methods for the QB error code 6123:

Solution 1: Run The QuickBooks Desktop Update

Let’s start things with a simple yet effective approach. 

When your QuickBooks application has not been updated for some time, it may trigger loads of other errors besides the 6123 error. Updating your QuickBooks would ensure that your performance is not degraded over time. Follow the steps given below for the same:

Step 1: Launch your QuickBooks and update it from within itself.

Step 2: Give it some time till it finishes updating.

Step 3: Once to updating process is completed, restart your system.

Step 4: Try to restore your backup file to see if the error 6123 persists.

If you still see the error, proceed with the solution given below.

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Solution 2: Use The QuickBooks File Doctor To Repair File Damage

Follow the steps given below to use the QuickBooks File Doctor in order to fix the QB Error 6123:

Step 1: You can download the QuickBooks File Doctor from Intuit’s official site.

Step 2: After the download is finished, locate the file called ‘qbfd.exe’ and double-click to launch it.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

Step 4: The tool will automatically launch after the installation is finished. Suppose it doesn’t; double-click on it to launch it.

Step 5: While the QB File Doctor is up and running, you can go ahead and select your company file from the drop-down menu. You can also browse and select it manually.

Step 6: Once the file has been selected, you may proceed to choose one of the three options:

6.1: If you just need to check the file, click on ‘Check file damage only’.

6.2: If you are getting errors like error 6123, choose the option that says ‘Check both file damage and network connectivity’.

6.3: If you have the multiple-user mode set and are coming across the errors like H202, H203, or H505, choose ‘Check network connectivity only’ and then proceed to click ‘Diagnose File’.

Step 7: Enter the credentials for your company file.

Step 8: QB File Doctor will now begin to repair your company file. This might take some time, depending on the size of your company file.

Step 9: Things should go pretty smoothly from here. In case you get a message on your screen that reads “repair was unsuccessful”, give us a call on our helpline, and we’ll help you with this issue.

Step 10: After the File Doctor is done repairing your file, try restoring your backup file to see if the error 6123 persists.

If the error 6123 still exists, jump to the next solution.

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Solution 3: Restore The Backup From Local Storage

Follow the steps given below to restore the backup file from local storage. This might help you with the QB Error 6123:

Step 1: Go to your QuickBooks backup file folder. You may find it in the same folder as your original company file.

Step 2: Now, copy your backup file and paste it into the local storage of your system.

Step 3: Next, launch your QuickBooks Desktop and try to restore the company backup file that you have just moved to the local storage.

Lastly, check if the QuickBooks Error Code 6123, 0 still shows up.


End Note:

Hopefully, these methods yielded results and helped you get rid of the QuickBooks Error Code 6123. However, if the error persists and you feel confused or stuck, give us a call at (855)-738-0359, and we’ll take it from there. Letting us help you will save up loads of your time.

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