Call For Help: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Remove Trees By Yourself

Cutting trees is a dangerous thing to do especially if you don’t have knowledge and experience about it. Moreover, you can also harm yourself and others when a chunk of wood fell. That’s why it’s important to consult an arborist to do the job for you.

Arborists are professional tree doctors, who have undergone years of practise to address the needs of trees. They know if a tree needs to be removed or pruned.


If you think a tree is dying or dead in your area, you should immediately contact an arborist to schedule a tree removal. It’s not advisable to do it yourself because of many reasons. If you want to know what these reasons are, then check the list below!

1. Improper equipment and tools

If you’re not an arborist, you probably don’t have the right tools and equipment for tree removal. It’s more likely that you won’t succeed in removing the tree safely. However, if you just need to remove a couple of thin branches, then it’s alright as long as you have the tools.

Some of the primary tools arborists use in removing trees are gloves, hardhats, glasses, and power saws. See? Even professionals need to take extra precautions when dealing with tree removal.

2. Unobvious reasons

Aside from safety reasons, there are other factors why you should call for an arborist. You may not see it, but professionals can identify if the tree:

  • Can still be saved from decaying
  • Just needs pruning
  • Needs to be relocated
  • Has diseases or pests

Tree removal is the last resort for arborists. As much as possible, they would want to keep trees alive for the benefit of the environment and people. So if you just remove a tree without knowing its cause of death, then you may just be harming your surroundings.

3. Uneven decay

Have you noticed how trees decay? Do you see that it starts from one end until it spread on the entire tree?

It’s best to call experts before the tree collapse when it decays. Don’t get tempted to do it on your own because if you think it’s easier to remove a decaying tree, you’re wrong. Sometimes, there’s an uneven decay inside it that you won’t know if you’re not a professional.

It’ll be hard for you to estimate how far can you go if you won’t notice the soft parts of the tree, so just give your local arborist a call to avoid unnecessary accidents.

4. Gravity’s not your friend

After cutting the tree, you won’t have any control over where it’ll go. Uncalculated measurements will result in unexpected damages. You should always take into account what gravity can do after it takes over a falling tree.

Sure, if you have a wide area, you can successfully do it. However, if it’s in your yard, you can’t be sure where it’ll fall. Arborists use cranes when dealing with big and tall trees, and instead of ladders, they use harnesses.


5. You don’t know its biology

If you don’t major in dendrology, forestry, or horticulture, then you probably don’t know anything about the biology of trees. You should have an expert identify the right thing to do with the tree before doing anything.

Cutting a tree without recognizing its problem can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Moreover, even professionals need help so they sometimes work in teams when the problem can’t be addressed by one person.

6. You can create damages

In a suburban area, powerlines are usually everywhere so when a tree fell, it may also take your power supply with it. If that happens, you may also be electrocuted and get hurt. Aside from that, you can also cause damage to your neighbors, your family, and your properties.

Moreover, cars parked near the tree you cut can also be wrecked. So before you knock down a tree, always take into consideration the consequences of not hiring an arborist.

7. It may be illegal

Why do you think there’s a tree expert if you’re just going to do the entire thing? Well. aside from the fact that arborists are certified, they also have the permit to conduct tree chequeen-ups and experiments.

Moreover, they know the right methods on how to deal with trees and their species. If you don’t know what species is the tree you are cutting, then you might be damaging an endangered species. Who would want to be put into jail for killings trees, right?


Asking for help isn’t a hard thing to do, especially when there’s an expert for it. Arborists care for trees the way that people in a different field won’t understand. Have you tried hiring an arborist? Let us know how your first arborist encounter went by leaving a comment below!

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